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Tips for Clients Wanting to Incorporate Their Pet into Their Wedding Day


You’ve booked your ideal client. Only thing is, they want to have their dog at the wedding. You know it’s a great idea, but you cringe to think about the amount of work that’s involved with getting the dog there, holding on to him/her, and caring for that sweet fur baby all while focusing on what you were hired to do. No more cringing – here a few tips to help you and your couple pull off this fantastic idea.

Encourage the couple to hire professional help

Try to find a company that specializes in wedding day pet care – they do exist! If you can’t find one, look around your area for a pet sitter or veterinary technician. Don’t rely on a guest or friend of a friend. A guest may end up having to leave the cocktail hour or reception (not fun) and relying on a distant friend can be tricky if the couple doesn’t know how accountable they are.

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Ask your client what their ideal day is and check with the venue

What do they want the pet present for? Pictures? Ceremony? Some couples want their pet present for the first look, and then be part of the ceremony with bridal party. Some couples may even wish to have their beloved fur-legged friend present for getting ready pictures, cocktail hour and maybe the after party. Since they know their pet best, next ask the couple what they think their pet will tolerate. A senior dog may not do well participating in all the wedding day festivities, so it may be best to limit their presence to a few pictures and a walk down the aisle. Once you have an idea of what the couple would like and the pet can tolerate, consider what the venue will allow. Many venues will ask that the pet not present when food is served.  

Prepare a checklist and timeline

At a minimum, the checklist should include treats or a toy, bowls, water, poop bags, leash, and any wedding attire. It’s also good to include a few rags to wipe their muzzles and paws (especially after drinking water), and a lint roller in case they rub against anyone and get hair on a suit or dress. Treats or a toy will help to get their attention during pictures. If their dinner time falls into the timeline, don’t forget to put a meal on the checklist, too. 

The timeline will help let the pet handler know where they need to be and when. It should include detailed pickup and drop off instructions as well as any special notes (i.e. don’t go near grandma with the pet). 

There are also some very neat ways for the couple to incorporate their love for furry pal beyond having them present for some of the festivities. The couple could name their signature drink after the pet, include a cake topper with an image of the dog on it, and even donate to a local pet shelter or their favorite rescue group in lieu of favors. 

With the proper plans in place, incorporating a pet into a couple’s wedding day can be a great way to make a special day even more pawfect!

Veronica Silva, is the President of Pawfect for You. She is a Mechanical Engineer, now Entrepreneur, and fur mama to JakeBear, a 6-year-old Corgi German Shepard mix.  She began her company in 2016 as a way to help couples make their dream weddings come true by incorporating their pet into their special day.



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