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Spring Special Guest Webinars: Planning Trends & Event Design

We are very excited about two of our upcoming special guest webinars!

Both webinars provide attendees with industry expert advice on the topics of planning trends and event design.

Coming up on May 7 at 12:00 PM EST, join Kristin Banta as she answers your event planning and design questions!

Kristin will be covering cover topics related to the planning and design process and can’t wait to field your questions! Feel free to email Emily@allseated.com with your questions in advance so that we are sure to cover them during the webinar.

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On June 12 at 12:00 PM EST, join Susie Perelman to learn what’s trending in 2019.

With decades of experience in the event industry working with clients throughout the USA and internationally, Susie Perelman curates new linen collections for her clients each year. Always in touch with the pulse of global trends, Susie brings a wealth of information, creativity and design insights to our industry. She is a keynote speaker at national conferences including The Special Event Show each year.

Join her for this webinar as she breaks down trends that are hot this year, as well as places we can all visit (both virtually and in real life) to find inspiration.

You won’t want to miss it – secure your spot now!

Click here to stay on top of our upcoming webinar schedule. To view all prior special guest webinar recordings, visiting our YouTube channel!


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