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Reducing Site Visits: How Terminus 330 Booked More Events Virtually with Allseated

With a location in the heart of Downtown Atlanta, elegant features like exposed brick, heavy timber columns, original hardwood floors, and even a Prohibition-inspired cozy lounge and panoramic rooftop terrace, Terminus 330 is the perfect in-town venue for corporate and social events, weddings, parties and more.  

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However, like many other venues, the staff at Terminus 330 frequently found potential clients had difficulty visualizing how their event would look in the versatile facility. And it was hard for staff to close virtual sales – those without an in-person site visit.

Recognizing not everyone can take the time or afford to visit every venue under consideration before making a decision and contracting, Terminus 330 added Allseated’s virtual visualization capabilities to its marketing mix – which has paid off exponentially.

In the first year with Allseated, Terminus 330:

  • Booked 5 no-tour events, representing nearly $50K in revenue
  • Streamlined communications and set-up time to yield $22K in operational savings
  • Drove a rapid 9X ROI on the platform’s annual subscription and VR setup investment!

Terminus 330 Photrealistic Layout – Allseated Vision

Here’s how to put virtual visualizations to work for your venue:

  1.  Reduce in-person site visits

As Terminus 330 experienced, one big benefit of virtual visualizations is the ability for anyone to have a “look around” of a venue without physically having to be there.

Eliminating in-person site visits is a game-changer for both venues and clients alike. As Shannon Smith, Managing Partner at Terminus 330 said, “clients can now experience the physical space without the hassle of scheduling a visit.”

And for venues, eliminating the time required to book and host an in-person site visit is a surefire way to accelerate the sales process and increase productivity.

  1.  Collaborate in real-time

Thanks to technology, floorplans and room layouts have come a long way from pencil and paper sketches.

Digital diagrams, 3D floorplans, and virtual reality capabilities enhance real-time collaboration between venue staff and clients. It’s easy to drop in tables, chairs, furniture and more as changes are made throughout the planning process. No more worrying about who is working from what version – a big bonus for all event vendors involved. All of the information is available in one place, continuously updated in real-time so it’s easy to collaborate at any time.

Plus, with a virtual visualization tool like Allseated, which has 3D options including Bird’s Eye view, a 1st Person view, and virtual reality tours, there’s plenty of flexibility to see all the points of view to collaborate on the perfect floorplan configuration.

For Terminus 330, real-time collaboration boosts clients’ excitement and feelings of inclusion. Shannon Smith said, “AllSeated empowers my clients to feel more like partners in the planning process. I’ve received nothing but brilliant feedback.”

  1.  Eliminate operational redundancies

Anytime a change is made, it takes time and resources to keep all of the plans up-to-date. Virtual visualizations eliminate the need to make updates in multiple locations – streamlining internal operations.

And at the same time, digital floorplans and room layouts that are frequently used can be saved as templates to use over and over again – reducing management hours and communication inefficiencies.

  1.  Streamline event set-up

The life-like viewing of virtual visualizations provides a crystal clear picture of an event before it even happens – which gives everyone involved in the planning of the event the opportunity to envision exactly how set-up will unfold.

If changes are needed, virtual visualizations make it easy to discover potential issues early so they are handled well in advance of the event – leaving less room for errors and stress on the event day!

To learn more about using Allseated and virtual visualizations to close more deals virtually like Terminus 330, contact us for a demo.



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