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Must-Ask Questions Before Hiring A Rental Company


We recently hosted a webinar with Atlas Event Rental which provided our listeners with the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about hiring a rental company.

If you missed the Atlas Event Rental webinar, you can view it here!


Heather and Tiffany of Atlas Event Rental shared a crucial list of must-ask questions before hiring a rental company which we have broken down for you below!

For starters, is there a showroom you can visit?

When you first make contact with your rental company via phone or social media, you want to ask if you can visit a show room. The show room will give you a good idea of the rental pieces available as well as display the styles and options the particular rental company can create.

Did they ask you more about your event? Were they engaged in understanding more about you and your event?

Clicking with any vendor is crucial and your rental company is no exception. You want your rental company to be interested in your event, asking you questions and making you feel as though your event is important. This is key in developing a relationship with your vendor and building trust and confidence that they are the team to hire. If you get a bad vibe, consider a different company for your event!

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Who will be the contact person throughout the process? As the person you meet with originally may not be your contact throughout the planning, it’s important to ask up front who you will be working with leading up to your event AND the day of your event.

Make sure to ask who your day-of contact will be! If it is someone you haven’t worked with previously, you may wish to ask to speak to them ahead of your event. Always ask for contact information for the day of your event as well as who to contact the day-of just in case something isn’t right according to what you contracted.

What is the company’s cancellation policy?

Every company operates with a different set of policies. Be sure to ask this question up front so that you aren’t surprised later on, after signing a contract.

Do you provide set up and break down of equipment?

This process may or may not be included in your contract so it’s important to ask about up front.

What happens if something is missing or broken after the event?

Hopefully this doesn’t happen but just in case, ask the rental company how this is handled.

Remember, it’s always imperative when working with vendors to arm yourself with both knowledge and questions in order to make the best possible decisions for your event!

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