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Important Tools For Running A Successful Catering Business


Every type of business has its own set of tools that make it a success. As a catering business, you need your own set of tools that will help you excel. Climbing to the top of the catering industry is not easy, and there are very few shortcuts you can take, if any. Sound overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be. Review about important tools for running a successful catering business below. 

  1. Your Website

Your website will be your biggest marketing tool as a caterer. You can use it to showcase past events you have done, the services you offer, a communication medium, and more. If you don’t have a website, then your business is most likely stuck in the dark ages. The internet is the primary source for how people find local businesses these days. Search engines are the primary medium for this, and if you don’t have a website then you won’t show up on search engines. 89% of consumers use search engines for purchase decisions. Your website doesn’t have to be complicated either. There are free programs with templates that are easy to make or you can hire a company to do it for you.

  1. Catering Software

Catering software is the glue that holds your whole catering business together.  If you find the right solution, it can automate practically every area of your business. From accounting to proposal creation, and blast emailing, catering software can really do it all. Catering software should be looked at as an investment. Some options may seem expensive, but if you find one that has the right features it will pay off significantly down the road.

  1. Cooking Equipment

You wouldn’t have a catering operation without food. It’s obvious that you need cooking equipment as your tools to facilitate the preparation of the food. The question comes in, especially for new caterers if you should rent or buy your cooking equipment. Renting has the advantage of being more affordable and the ability to try a variety of different options. However, disadvantages could be anything from getting lower quality equipment and the risk of paying high penalties for damaged equipment.  If you have the budget, then go for buying the equipment. If you’re not there yet, then start renting, but make it a goal to buy in the end.

  1. Business Cards

Business cards are a must for catering business. They are the perfect marketing material to hand out when you’re on the go or at an event. You never know when you might meet a potential catering customer. Having business cards on hand are the most portable option to give someone your business information. Don’t forget to include all the necessary information on your business cards like company logo, your name, position, email, phone, and website. 

  1. Serving Equipment

Food doesn’t serve itself, except in buffet style scenarios. You should have equipment to serve your food with! Think serving trays, serving utensils, and more. The right equipment could make your serving more efficient, and therefore a better customer experience for your guests. Additionally, you will want to look at the quality of your serving equipment. Guests don’t want to see worn out or rusty serving spoons. Your serving equipment can end up reflecting on your business.

  1. Staff

You can’t run a successful catering business alone. Your staff can be a huge tool for your catering business. In an industry that has one of the highest employee turnovers, training and finding the right people who completely mesh with your catering business can be hard.  When you find the right people, make sure you try your best to keep them. Have employee incentives and make sure you give rewards when your staff performs well.

  1. Business Networking

Networking is the new normal. It can be a huge tool for getting your name out there and getting advice on various aspects of your business. You can choose to go to local networking events brought to you by organizations like the NACE or the ICA or you can interact with fellow members online via different social media groups. They can be great for getting advice or learning from failed scenarios so they don’t have to happen to you.


No matter if you’re planning the catering for an event, in the middle of it, or it has ended; you need the right tools by your side that will help you maintain and grow a successful business. Some tools will be more of an investment than others, but realize that it’s an investment into the future. 

Brittany McDaniel is the Digital Marketing Manager at Caterease. She writes on various topics within the catering and event management industry and helps manage the overall web presence of Caterease . Caterease is the world’s leading provider of catering and event planning software serving over 50,000 users worldwide. Find caterease online by going to

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