4 Ways To Use Social Media For A Memorable Event

How To Integrate Social Media Into Your Events


Social media has become a standard addition for all types of events; from weddings and fundraisers to trade shows, Sweet Sixteens and even food festivals! Every post on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and other platforms as well generate data that both marketers and planners can use to better understand and improve their attendee experience.

Check out these four ways to easily integrate social media into your next event!

Branded Hashtag:

The social media world LOVES hashtags. Whether it’s to increase engagement and visibility on a post, attract new followers, or help others keep up with what’s going on at a business event, there’s a hashtag for everything. Similar to the trend of utilizing a wedding hashtag, the business benefits of leveraging a branded hashtag encourages attendees to post photos or content on their social media channels and allows you to keep up with what’s being said, posted, and shared about your event.

A branded hashtag can also be used as a general marketing tactic to help increase brand awareness and provide you with valuable feedback on your business.

Photo “Booth” & Props:

An easy way to further encourage event attendees to post socially about your event (with your branded hashtag, of course) is to set up a photo area with fun and entertaining props. With the rising popularity of photo booths at events of all kinds, you now don’t have to spend an arm and a leg renting a booth. A simple yet decorative backdrop and enticing props (think sunglasses, boas, obnoxious costume jewelry, the works, can bring people together and show a more fun and human side of your company, all while spreading awareness.

Host a Contest or Giveaway:

Who doesn’t love winning prizes? Hosting a contest or a giveaway either before or during the event can actually help promote your event without doing any work. For a pre-event social media contest, you can ask users to share, like or comment on a specific post or invite others to the event. The user with the most interactions, wins. Another great idea is to ask your attendees to “check-in” at the event, accompanied by your branded hashtag, and a user chosen at random can win a special offer.

Branded “Swag”:

T-shirts, sunglasses, koozies, water jugs, etc. can all be branded and given away at your events. Including a social media handle on it can help remind those using them of your business and your awesome event. It may also encourage them to post an image of their swag online to tell everyone how awesome your company is. This is also a great way to incorporate your branded hashtag and use as a photo prop!

See how simple it is to bring the online world to offline events? Next time you’re hosting an event, encourage the use of social media and watch your brand awareness rise to the top!


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