How To Easily Organize An Event Seating Chart Using Allseated

How To Easily Organize An Event Seating Chart

Believe it or not, organizing an event seating chart really can be a simple and efficient process! Often thought of as a stressful and time-consuming task, we put together our tips to guide you through how to easily organize an event seating chart.

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Go Digital.

It was probably obvious that digital would be our first suggestion but it’s true! Digital planning tools are revolutionizing the event industry and making it simple and efficient for event hosts and their vendor teams to work together to seamlessly plan events.

The use of digital planning tools save you time while helping you to stay organized. As we all know, organization makes everything that much easier and less stressful!

Build Your Guest List First.

We always recommend that the guest list be established at the very start of the planning process. When you tackle your guest list right away and are as detailed as possible from the beginning, your event seating chart is that much easier to accomplish because you are organized and ready.

Within your AllSeated account, easily enter all guest information including names and mailing addresses. Your guest list can also be organized into groups which will further assist you in organizing the seating chart! Group guests within your guest list based upon categories you choose such as immediately family, college friends, colleagues, cousins, kids etc. When grouping guests in the guest list, you are best equipped when it comes time to arrange seating to easily arrange your tables.

Your guest list also allows you to track RSVP’s, store notes, and even enter meal type information.

Consult Your Venue.

Reach out to your venue contact for floorplan layout ideas and table sizes. They know their event space better than anyone and will absolutely have tips and layout options to offer. You will also want to invite them into your AllSeated account so that they can  virtually show you the various layout options within your AllSeated floorplan! Collaboration is key while making the process even easier for you to visualize your floorplan and seating chart in advance.

Add Guests To Floorplan.

Once your table layout is established and RSVP’s are in, you can begin to seat your guests! Go by your guest list groups to make things as quick and efficient as possible. The AllSeated guest list links directly to seating which makes it really easy seat guests within the floorplan. As nothing is set in stone, you can always adjust your tables and seating arrangements until you are satisfied with the layout and event seating chart.

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