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How To Create Corporate Holiday Party Seating Chart


With holiday party planning in full swing, we put together our top tops for easily organizing and creating your corporate holiday party seating chart!

First, look at your corporate holiday party seating chart history.

How did you go about arranging corporate holiday party seating charts in the past? This information will help you to determine if you want to follow the same style, or try something different.

Next, choose food service style.

Do you want a sit down dinner or buffet/cocktail party vibe? Your food service style will help you to best organize your seating chart and floorplan.

If choosing sit down dinner: 

With the sit down dinner approach, you may choose to assign guests to tables.Watch this quick tutorial on how to seat guests using AllSeated!

When creating the seating chart for a sit down dinner, keep in mind how you want to seat your guest list. Do you want to arrange the seating for each table by departments or mix it up so everyone is able to speak with new people?

For internal company parties, we recommend mixing up the departments. For external corporate parties, make the decision if you want to seat companies together or mix them with other companies and  so they can network and mingle with faces they may not know.

For table options, the traditional round table is ever classic. However, you may wish to consider vignette seating that mixes different types of tables to create a variety of unique “vignettes” in different parts of your reception floor.

Fun option: Family style food service can create a warm and memorable atmosphere!

If choosing buffet service or cocktail party style:

For the laid back look WITHOUT assigned table seating, do make sure your provide enough seating for guests. Consider mixing lounge furniture with tables within your floorplan for the ultimate party vibe.

Regardless of seating style, ensure sight line and volume are well-balanced throughout the space should you have someone speaking at the holiday party event.

Easily Manage Seating Using AllSeated!

For ultimate organization and ease of holiday party seating chart creation, use AllSeated. Manage the guest list, floorplan, and seating all in one place with the ability to collaborate with your team on the details.

Visit our Youtube channel for a full listing of helpful tutorials!

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