Event Dancefloor: How A Dancefloor Can Change Look of Event Floorplan

How Dance Floors Can Change Look Of A Floorplan


If you are stuck in an event design or layout rut, there are many ways to change the look of routine floorplans. One way to do so is through the use of the dance floor!

We spoke with Heather Rouffe, managing partner of Atlas Event Rental, to gain insight on how dance floors can change the look of your floorplan along with the best ways to incorporate them.

The Dance Floor As A Statement Piece

A dance floor can be statement piece in your event’s floorplan, yet few people realize this fact! Breaking out of the ordinary by selecting a black and white dance floor can add a pop to your floorplan, giving it a vibe that ranges from vintage to modern in feel.

dance floor

Event Planner: Linzi Events

At the same time, you can work with an all white dance floor and personalize it with monogrammed lighting for an intimate touch.

white dance floor

Event Planner: Linzi Events

Don’t Sacrifice

A dance floor IS a focal piece and can be as important as selecting which linen and chair type to select for the event design. Keep in mind that the dance floor is also one of the most photographed elements of an event (as well as displayed in videos!) since it’s the focal point for where the guests are dancing all night long.

Too often people sacrifice their options for dance floors and choose to use the floor provided by the venue. It really is worth selecting a dance floor as an upgraded rental piece, just as you would a charger or other tabletop item.

Opportunity For Creativity

Working with a statement dance floor provides you with the opportunity to break out of the ordinary and get creative with your floorplan. Use the dance floor as your focal point and build your layout from there. You can also use dance floors under the eating area. Set up tables over a black and white dance floor to provide a pop of ambiance to your floorplan and really wow your guests with the unexpected.

Perfect For Outdoor Events

A great way to complete an outdoor event is to use an outdoor dance floor. Rather than have guests dancing on soft ground, uneven ground, in the sand or grass, setting up an outdoor dance floor provides decor as well as comfort for overall guest experience.

Set ups can be easily accomplished on the beach through the use of sub floors.

subfloor dance floor

dance floor

It’s important to remember that when designing your floorplan within your AllSeated account, it’s super easy to include the location and dimensions of your dance floor!

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