Helping Your Client Incorporate Tradition Into Their Wedding

Helping Your Client Incorporate Tradition Into Their Wedding


As a planner, it’s critical to think of EVERYTHING to meet your client’s wedding planning needs. Your clients are relying on you to be the eyes, ears, and brains of their wedding planning. They look to you for organization, leadership and inspiration!

While some wedding couples are on top of their details with their own ideas in place, others may need more direction.

Since personal touches are always special, it’s great to remind your client of ways to incorporate tradition into their wedding day.

Here are some easy ideas for helping your client to incorporate tradition into their wedding day!

Something borrowed, something blue.

Your client may be wondering about the something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue tradition. Or maybe they weren’t even aware of it at all!

There are SO MANY ways to recommend personalizing these details. Although, most couples get caught up in figuring out the “something borrowed” and “something blue” parts of this wedding tradition.

When looking to fulfill the “something borrowed”, perhaps there is a veil, piece of jewelry or other accessory that was once worn by a family member which can be worn on the day of the wedding. Recommend that they ask close relatives (including the close relatives of their fiancé) or even close friends if they have something they would like to lend to the couple.

“Something blue” is often seen as the challenging item to locate but it really doesn’t have to be!

Consider working within the wedding couple’s color scheme to add a touch of blue to the flowers and decor. Blue can also be brought in subtly via nail polish, accessories and the ever-classic, blue garter.

Special songs and dances.

Speak with the wedding couple in conjunction with their entertainment company to discuss any songs or dance traditions that are special to their family. This will help the entertainment company understand the couples needs as they put together their playlist. It will also allow the entertainment company the opportunity to plan their timeline and incorporate the proper time slots for traditional family songs and dances.

Bonus tip: Remember to include the entertainment company in your vendor timeline to allow for easy collaboration on event details. 

Create a family photo display.

Another awesomely creative and personal touch is a beautiful display of family wedding photos. This can be a fun, easy DIY project for your client or something you can assist with if needed. The goal is to create a display of wedding photos from both sides of their families featuring parents, grandparents (even great grandparents!) on their wedding day with a picture of the wedding couple in the center.

A family photo display creates a unique decor opportunity which is often set up near the place card table OR as part of the place card table decor.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to include the place card table and/or family photo display table in the wedding floorplan!




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