Helpful Planning Checklist For Destination Weddings & Events

Helpful Planning Checklist For Destination Weddings & Events


From the newest event trends to destination cuisines and planning the welcome dinner, there are a lot of details to keep track of when planning a destination wedding or event.

Recently we shared a round-up of our favorite destination wedding blog posts and wanted to follow that up today with this helpful planning check list to help you easily plan the perfect destination wedding or event!

1- Choose Your Location 

The world is full of some amazing destinations, and you want to pick the one that’s just right. You want to select a location that interests you! For example, are you looking for a warm, tropical locale or does more of a city escape sound appealing?

The truth is, ANY destination can be your destination! Las Vegas happens to be an extremely popular destination wedding and event location. In Las Vegas, the Paris Chapel can be wedding favorite, along with the spectacular Bellagio Fountains. offers many deals which may be worth checking out if Las Vegas is a possible destination choice for you.

We recommend that you first decide where you want to go, then dig into different venues options! And, don’t be afraid to plan a quick weekend trip to scout out your potential spot, especially this time of year. Who isn’t looking for a getaway around the holiday season?!

2- Pick a Date!

Some venues book frequently and fast. Once you have the destination venue nailed down, decide on what season you want to host your event. Then select your month to find the date that is perfect for your schedule. Make sure your guest list is notified of the date ahead of time, since destination events take a little extra planning on the guest side of things too.

3- Review Your Budget

Many people get nervous about planning a destination event, mainly because of the cost. Look back at your initial thoughts on a budget, and see where you stand now that you’ve booked your venue. Prioritize what parts of the wedding or event mean the most to you, and then make sure you’re not over-spending on items you don’t care as much about. Remember to seek out the best deals too! There are always deals to be found, especially when doing your research online regarding hosting an event in your destination location.

4- Work on the Details

Guest lists seem easy, until you start to actually nail down a number and try to figure out who is coming. AllSeated is definitely an amazing wedding planning tool to utilize to the fullest extent as you can organize and collaborate on your guest list, floorplan, seating arrangements, timelines and more. Especially when planning a destination wedding or event, using AllSeated allows you  to work with your destination venue and vendors virtually which keeps you all operating on the same page regarding all details without having to be present for in-person meetings.

5- Pull in the Inspiration

From decorations to menus, outfits and the reception, there can never be too much inspiration. Look around the web for trending ideas, and check out what unique experiences your destination has to offer.

That about sums it up for some of the main things to add to your checklist when planning for a fabulous destination wedding or event. Just remember, it’s your event, so don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and check out all the options that your destination location has to offer!


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