The Ultimate Guide To Planning a Destination Wedding

Helpful Guide To Planning A Destination Wedding


A destination wedding sounds like a terrific idea right about now, doesn’t it? There’s a certain excitement surrounding the planning of a destination wedding because, not only are you getting married, you are going on vacation and inviting your friends and family to experience the trip with you!

Since the venues in question will not be local, there are certain things to consider when trying to plan your destination wedding and we are here to help steer you in the right direction!

Before you begin your planning, have your budget and rough guest list established. While it may change as you go through the process, it’s important to know in advance how much money you have to spend as well as a general idea of how many guests will be attending in order to narrow down the venues based upon price and accommodations.

When determining your destination wedding location, consider the following:

Cost of travel and accommodations for both you and your guests.

When planning a destination wedding, you must be mindful of the costs involved. Asking people to travel to your wedding location will involve fees that would not necessarily be present if you had a local wedding.

Hotel availability. Be sure to confirm that a hotel in the area (or the hotel where you are having the wedding) has the ability to accommodate your guests and can block out rooms for your wedding date. You must be certain that your guests will have a place to stay!

Be mindful of the travel time. How far away is your destination? How many hours are you asking people to travel? It’s possible that some guests may only have the weekend available to devote to your destination wedding so if lengthy travel plans are necessary, they may not be able to attend.

Consider the time of year. Be mindful of the holiday seasons as well as the climate because both can affect getting to your destination wedding. A destination wedding in the winter may see travel delays/cancellations due to snow storms while certain times of the year may see hurricane season interfere at your wedding destination venue.

Once you select your desired destination location, begin your search of venues in your selected area.

Do your research online, visiting all websites and social media pages for the event spaces, hotels and catering halls in the area.

Remember to consider the sources. Keep in mind that aside from the venue websites, all other written reviews found through web searches may not be accurate as most often, the information available is based upon someone’s opinion which may not always be a fact.

Contact the venues by phone or by email (whichever makes you more comfortable). Ask your questions and request references and referrals including the vendors that they work with so that you can contact them as well for more in-depth information.

Determine if the venue can accommodate your needs. Do they have availability? Do they have hotel rooms to accommodate your guests during that time? If not, is there a local hotel they recommend which can accommodate your party? Can the event space cater to your needs and to the vision you had in mind for your affair? Can they accommodate the size of your party?

Request from your narrowed down venue choices that contracts be sent to you prior to going to your on-site inspections. It’s important to understand each venue’s terms and conditions, especially since this is a destination wedding and you need to know their policies.

Once your destination and wedding venue is established,  AllSeated becomes a key (and free!) planning tool that will not only organize your wedding but make you feel connected to your vendors in real-time.

Within your AllSeated account, you will be to invite in all of your vendors and the rest of your entourage to include in your planning process. This is so important for the planning of all events, especially a destination wedding since most, if not all, of your wedding vendors will not be local!

You will also have the ability to assign tasks and include details in your timelines as well as do real time walk throughs of your floorplan without having to be at your destination. The organization of everything in one place with everyone working together within one account really makes things so easy!




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