Rain on Wedding Day: Embracing Beauty of Rainy Day Wedding

Embracing The Beauty of Rainy Day Weddings


For many wedding couples, the slightest chance of rain on their wedding day is enough to put a damper on their special day. It’s important to remember that your wedding will be filled with so much joy no matter the weather!

We cannot control the weather forecast but with a well thought out rain plan and a wedding vendor team dedicated to bringing your wedding vision to life, you can rest assured that your wedding day will be filled with so much beauty and joy – rain or shine!

Chancey Charm’s wedding planning team is here to share their top tips for embracing the beauty of rainy day weddings.

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1. First and foremost, trust that all will be okay:

There’s always a chance that it will rain and there isn’t much one individual (or a wedding party) can do to change it.

Decide very early on what you want to do if it rains on your wedding day and stick with it!

Trust your vendors who deal with weddings monthly; you’ve likely hired professionals who are familiar with your venue, your vision and have several plans for rainy day weddings.

Lastly, embrace it! Some AMAZING photos can come from a rainy day. And always remember, at the end of the storm, there’s always a rainbow! – Miranda Tassi, Chancey Charm Charlotte.

2. Rainy day weddings do not have to affect your wedding day timeline:

Chancey Charm Richmond Wedding Planner, Alana Futcher, suggests coming up with a rain plan that doesn’t affect your timeline.

If you postpone your ceremony start time to have clear skies instead of utilizing your rain plan, it shortens other events of the evening and limits guest and bride/groom interaction!

Washington, DC Wedding Planner Brittany Collier recommends asking your wedding planner to coordinate with the rental company to get a tent if needed and also extra umbrellas to keep guests dry!

Work with your photographer to get creative with the photos and have fun with it. There are so many cute first look and bridal party pictures you can do in the rain with colored or clear umbrellas. 

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3. Take advantage of the stunning photo opportunities:

Chancey Charm Charleston Wedding Planner, Samantha Wiley, recommends coming up with a rain plan that will still give you a beautiful backdrop for photos, even if it’s storming. Jyl Deering, Chancey Charm Boston Wedding Planner, adds: I worked with a couple who did bridal portraits right as the sky opened. Their photos were amazing and spontaneous! It was unique and they had fun! Once we were back at the venue, the groom took off his sports coat, the bride changed into her sendoff outfit a little early, and everyone was happy!

4. Make the rain fun with accessories you can get excited about:

If there is a high chance of rain on your wedding day, come prepared with rain accessories that will not only keep you dry, but also make your wedding photos that much more special and unique. 

For example, bring umbrellas that fit with your color scheme, don some color-popping rain boots, or throw a chic trench coat over your shoulders for timeless elegance. Having a plan that you’re excited about helps take away any anxiety, and might even make you wish for a rainy day wedding! – Lauren Groeper, Chancey Charm Denver

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5. If all else fails, go with the flow:

Although it had been raining off and on all day, the bride and her mom still felt strongly about the ceremony being held outdoors. Just before the ceremony started, we joined in with the venue staff to wipe down all the chairs.

They made it almost all the way through before it started raining on their black tie guests. To my surprise, the bride started laughing and said, “Everyone follow me!” She gathered her dress and raced into the venue and up the stairs. Once all the guests made it in, they finished their vows from the venue’s grand staircase. Her joy and willingness to go with the flow made the rain more like an extra special addition to their love rather than a damper on their wedding day. – Skylar Caitlin, Chancey Charm Houston

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