How To Include Your Favorite Sports Team To Your Wedding

Creative Ways To Incorporate Your Favorite Sports Team Into Your Wedding

Super Bowl weekend brings out the sports fan in all of us, doesn’t it? The excitement around the big game, the food, the friends, the fun — everyone, including those who don’t follow sports, love the tradition of a Super Bowl party.

But what if you are a big sports fan? What if you love your team so much that you wish to express that love at your wedding?

Quite often, the bride and groom wish to display their hobbies and interests (including their sports teams!) through the decor at their wedding. The great thing about incorporating your love for your favorite team is that it gives the affair a more personal feel and creates a unique experience for the guests.

So how can you incorporate your favorite sports team into your wedding?

A Groom’s Themed Cake:

Groom’s cakes are becoming extremely popular and typically display the hobbies and interests of the groom. Sports themed tiered cakes are a great option and can be modeled in the colors and design of your favorite sports team’s logo.


Danielle and Alan, recently featured in our bridal spotlight, had a traditional wedding cake with a groom’s cake too! The New York Yankees were proudly represented at their wedding.

Team Colors:

Speak with your florist about the colors of your favorite sports team. He or she may be able to elegantly accent your flowers and decor with those colors throughout your affair.

Consider incorporating the colors of your favorite team into your decor through table linens as well.

Here are two colorful yet elegant examples (from Atlas Party Rental) using colors from NFL teams.


Escort Cards & Place Cards:

Instead of a traditional escort card or place card, use this as an opportunity for incorporating your favorite sports team.

Place cards that resemble tickets are probably the most popular option but there are so many to choose from and easy to create!


We display a large variety of ideas on our Escort Cards & Place Cards Pinterest Board. Be sure to follow us!


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