Allseated Features: Cool Objects For Your Floorplan Layouts

Cool Objects Available For Your Floorplans!

Cool objects for your floorplans!

Our goal at AllSeated is to always provide our users with the latest innovations including an extensive furniture and object library to meet all of your floorplan needs. Today we wanted to bring your attention to some of the cool objects available for your floorplans!

Projector Screens: Projector screens are available in our objects library! Offered in a variety of sizes ranging from small to large, you have plenty of options for your floorplan diagrams.

AllSeated projection screen

Rolling Book Shelf: Planning to use a rolling book shelf at your next corporate meeting or event? Now you can add the rolling book shelf to your floorplan!

AllSeated rolling book rack

Coat Rack:  Mark the spaces within your floorplan diagram for the coat rack using the coat rack object!

AllSeated coat rack

Whiskey Barrels: A hot trend at events, you can now drop the whiskey barrel objects within your floorplan right in the spots you wish to set them up on the day of the event.

AllSeated whiskey barrel

Food Truck! Who doesn’t love when the food truck arrives at an event? Include the food truck in the floorplan diagram!

AllSeated food truck

Shuffleboard: The shuffleboard is a popular game option, often seen at various types of events looking to offer guests a fun experience.

AllSeated Shuffle-board

Airstream:   Sometimes used as another version of a food truck or as a display at conventions, remember to include the airstream within your floorplan if you will be using it on the day of the event.

AllSeated Airstream

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