Allseated User Success Stories From The Year

Can you believe that yet another year has gone by so quickly?

2019 was quite a year in so many ways. We had the pleasure of seeing so many of you during the year at various events throughout the United States. We are always thrilled when we are able to see our customers first hand and learn even more about what you want us to build and create for you within Allseated– we love that you are as passionate as we are about event technology!

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We also had the privilege of breaking out into the UK and German market – yes, we are now in German – and are ready to go into more languages next year! For me personally, I think my highlight is always about bringing the best and coolest tech to this industry. While we always do our best, I think that in 2019, we really stepped it up and brought you something so unique that I do believe it will be talked about for a very long time – The Allseated Connect.

The AS Connect is a one of a kind conferencing system (like Zoom) but for meeting and talking inside the actual space/floorplan. How cool is that?! No more needing to schedule hundreds of site tours and no more hours spent wasting time for your teams to meet in person at the property (that can’t even find you an empty room). It can be done remotely with as many people as you need to view the space.

Allseated Connect is so crazy cool, watch this short video to see what I mean!

The next decade is about to hit us and it’s always about what will be next – oh for sure, we have a lot planned!

But, we will wait to surprise and we will wait to hear more feedback from you – as you always have our time and attention. We thank you for always being there for us and we thank you for saying such nice things about us.

Here are a few 2019 highlights from our users we would love to share with you. We really appreciate all the wonderful compliments but it’s not really about us, it’s about you, our users – thanks for being with us on this wonderful journey.

Love, Sandy

2019 Allseated User Success Stories & Highlights

“2019 was a big one for my company! We went from 30 weddings to 60 weddings a year and a staff increase of three coordinators to five coordinators! We have grown a lot, but with that, comes a lot of work! Technology such as Allseated and Honeybook have played such a positive and productive role in the business as we could not have done it without using the platforms. A goal I have for 2020 is to delegate tasks to my team so that I am not juggling all 60 events prior to the big days! I will definitely take advantage of my growing team and cool technology to work smarter and not harder (although we always work hard by default lol) in 2020!” – Diana Dorsey, Owner/Lead Planner, Simply Elegant By Diana

“I just wanted to say how much we have benefited from using Allseated for our business in 2019. We have had several clients looking to squeeze a lot of people into a space that was barely big enough to hold everyone. It seemed like we had more space than we did! I was able to produce a professional-looking floorplan to the venue to “prove” it could be done.  They were a little hard to convince BUT the proof was in the Allseated layout.

I also love the fact that I can just “whip off” a quick floor plan for my couples.  I had one groom that actually decided to hire us as a Planning and Decor company BECAUSE of our floorplan.” – Linda Payne, Designer Weddings, Inc.

“We more than doubled our number of weddings from 2018 to 2019, and have already booked close to that number for 2020! Needless to say, we’ve had to up our technology game, which included moving to the paid version of Allseated. It’s helping us become more streamlined and create processes so we can grow our employee team more easily. We’re excited to see what growth 2020 will bring!” – Bree DenmanOwner, The Indigo Bride

“Our organization saves small family farms in West Marin just north of San Francisco by purchasing conservation easements to extinguish any development on these working lands. I produce over 35 outreach and fundraising events in a year and many of these are sit down farm to table dinners in barns on working ranches.  Using Allseated has helped so much as I can go in with my unique barn dimensions-some of these barns are over 100 years old- and figure out my floorplan within minutes which basically dictates how many potential guests I can seat.  The more seats I can provide the more people I can engage with to share stories of our impact and mission!” – Denise Rocco Richards,  Marin Agricultural Land Trust

photo credit: ©Marin Agricultural Land Trust

In February 2019, I went full time with my company!  Since February, I have increased my Instagram followers from 600 to 1100, I have done two styled shoots, and had the opportunity to provide a donated wedding to a deserving couple via Wish Upon a Wedding. Wish Upon a Wedding who grants wedding wishes to terminal patients and is a wonderful cause.  I was able to use Allseated for all of these projects, plus my other weddings, and events. I am thankful for Allseated and technology in general as Social Media has helped me tremendously grow my network and visibility.  I’m excited to continue to use these tools to grow my business more in 2020!” –  Megan C. Tinio, Owner, Lead Planner, Magical Moments by Megan 

“I travel to different cities and use Allseated with my vendors and clients to set up, modify, design and use as a guide. I even create spaces that are not even in your system. Because of Allseated, the execution of my programs is not only flawless but it makes me look so professional!” – Karina Vaguez, CEO Caribe International


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