Transform Your Event Planning with Facebook and Instagram

4 Ways Instagram & Snapchat Will Transform Your Event Planning


We’ve heard of stories ever since we were young. We read them before bed, during school, and even on our off-time. But recently, the idea of storytelling has shifted, giving users (aka “readers”) a chance to tell their own story.

Today, with thanks to popular social media platforms like Snapchat & Instagram, everyone can be an author of their own story. Find out how the Instagram and Snapchat Story feature can transform your next event below:

A more engaged, interactive audience.

There’s a fine line with using technology at events and even more so when you encourage your audience to participate as well. You don’t want the technology to take away from the main reason of the event, but you do want it to amplify it. By encouraging attendees to share their experience through Snapchat and Instagram Stories, it encourages them to join forces with the guests they brought as well as others they’ve networked with. It’s also a great and easy way to build a social community around your brand or event.

Provides exclusive content.

As they like to say, “you snooze, you lose”. The same concept goes into event planning. Events are filled with exclusive content and opportunities that those who aren’t in attendance can’t partake in. Once those watching attendees post Stories on their Instagram, Snapchat and other social media accounts, a sense of urgency, or dare I say “FOMO”, can spark in those missing out and increase the chances of them attending your next event.


From filters to stickers and even custom geo-filters, there are an unlimited amount of ways to personalize your event as well as allow guests to personalize their own experience through the use of Instagram and Snapchat. Because users will literally be at all angles capturing moments, each story published on Instagram and Snapchat provides for a personalized experience that even those not in attendance can enjoy.

Instant event feedback.

As guests snap away at events, they are more likely to gravitate towards things that interest and intrigue them. Done right, a user can create a story about a particular décor piece or special moment and give their audience reasons as to why. While this can go the opposite direction with users providing negative feedback, it is still a valuable resource to consider when planning your next events. Even just comparing the engagement between events can show you insights on what guests enjoy and what they don’t.

It’s crazy to think that having a cellphone out at all times is commonplace these days. As mentioned earlier, it’s a very fine line when introducing tech into your events and you don’t want to take away from all your hard planning, but rather show it off. So while you’re running around keeping the timeline in check, your guests are out promoting for you, for free!

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