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3 Ways To Use Instagram Stories For Your Event Company


Social media is a critical component in your event company’s business strategy. Being visible, available, and up to date on how today’s client interacts is important for strong business growth. 

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms right now, giving event companies the opportunity to reach potential new clients and visually create brand awareness.

Instagram stories and highlights are rising in use and need to be a part of your business strategy.

We spoke with Liese Gardner to gain insight and instruction on the ways to use Instagram stories!

Instagram Stories and Highlights are the fastest growing feature on Instagram and provide a fresh way to reach and interact with your ideal client. 

Stories are real-time glimpses into your life or business day and last for 24 hours. Highlights allow you to save and group selected content from Stories that then remain on your profile until deleted. 

Both are great ways to connect with your followers and extend the message beyond a single image. To build your brand, develop trust and lead people to your website, here are three ways to create content for Instagram Stories. In part two, we will discuss how to turn your instagram stories into branded Instagram highlights.

Three Reasons to Use Instagram Stories!

Show Your Creative Process 

One of the biggest ways to build trust is to take viewers behind the scenes of your workplace.

In the story above, UK photographer Bronte Huskinson (@bookishbronte) revealed how she created a photo with video elements, breaking it down step-by-step and even sharing the app she used. People get to know her process, and her personality in the process. Then she saves them as BTS (Behind the Scenes) Highlights. 

In the event industry, you could do this as a mixologist sharing how to make a new cocktail, a lighting designer showing new equipment in action, or a floral designer sharing the best flowers for a DIY bouquet. Will people actually take this information and do it themselves? Perhaps, but highly unlikely. You can thank YouTube, the Food Network and DIY shows for making how we do things a special form of entertainment.


Take Viewers To The Party

Everyone likes a good party! Event professionals are using Instagram Stories to show the event from start to finish. This gives followers a Front Row seat to events they would never see such as how Geller Events (@gellerevents) turned this uber-fancy Beverly Hills restaurant into a seaside themed event. Photos can be raw and from set up. Stickers, captions and tags can be fun and light. Keep the money shots for your curated feed. 


Drive Traffic to Your Site 

The “Swipe Up” feature which takes your followers to a specific page on your website is the greatest tool for marketing. Because, ultimately, driving traffic to our websites is what it’s all about! In this case, Images by Lighting used a trending HBO show and just one photo of the event in its Stories to entice followers to swipe up for more.

This feature is available right now only to business pages with 10,000 or more followers, but we are hopeful that will change soon!

In next week’s post, I will show you how to turn Instagram Stories into “Highlights” which can remain on your Instagram profile until you delete them. We will also go over how to custom brand your Highlights (it’s easier than it sounds!) to create a professional design for your Instagram profile.

Liese Gardner is a brand strategist and content creator helping event professionals grow their businesses through social platforms, PR and marketing. Follow her on Instagram at @liesegardner and find her online at www.liesegardner.com. To reach Liese directly, feel free to email liese@liesegardner.com or call 323.633.5209.



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