10 Reasons To Manage Your Guest List In AllSeated


Top wedding planners will always recommend that you establish your wedding budget AND your guest list before you even begin the wedding planning process.

AllSeated makes it really easy to organize your wedding guest list from the start, allowing you to build, manage and collaborate on your guest list directly in your account.

AllSeated guest list

Managing your guest list within your AllSeated account allows you to:

1. Keep an accurate count and listing of your invited guests all in one place.

2. Easily update and edit your guest list with the click of a button.

3. Arrange your seating chart directly from your guest list.

4. Group guests into categories for even more organization.

5. Include mailing addresses for each guest on your list.

6. Collaborate with your entourage.

Collaboration is key today! AllSeated allows you the opportunity to collaborate with your friends and family (the people you choose to invite into your account) so that they can help enter guest names and addresses necessary to complete the guest list. Maybe you will even have them help you with the seating arrangements!

7. Generate reports.

Your AllSeated guest list can easily be generated into report form which allows you to provide guest information to your calligrapher for invitations, place card design and favors too! Reports are also useful for providing an accurate guest count to your caterer and venue.

8. Manage RSVP’s.

As your responses come in, easily track your head count in your guest list and effectively arrange your seating chart based upon who will be in attendance.

9. Keep notes and list meal types.

Easily enter meal types, allergy information or other important notes for each guest as needed.

10. Keep track of gifts received.

As you receive gifts both before and after your special day, easily keep accurate notes on who gave what so that you can look back at your list when it’s time to send thank you cards. Your AllSeated guest list also comes in handy at thank you card time when you need those mailing addresses again!

Bonus! Use AllSeated’s Day of App for tablets to check your guests in directly from your guest list! Learn more about AllSeated’s mobile check in here.

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