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10 Corporate Event Decoration Ideas for Your Clients


Whether it’s a trade show or an appreciation dinner, companies use corporate events to strengthen professional ties and improve work culture. And with the growing emphasis on people engagement in businesses, CEOs and HR managers have found these activities even more valuable.

Because corporate events range in size, event planners know that decor plays a vital role in enhancing the mood at a venue. The design of a rewards night gala, for example, will greatly differ from how an exhibition hall is set up for a conference.

Behind every corporate event is a specific business objective, so how a venue or space looks should serve the purpose and goals of the host organization. Here’s a look at ten corporate event decoration ideas for your clients.

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Spruce up the entrance

When it comes to corporate events, first impressions last. Unfortunately, most organizations forget this design philosophy when it comes to the event venue’s entryway. Entrances help set the tone of an event by giving participants an idea of what to expect inside.

Draped fabrics, LED tube lighting, and art installations are just some of the ways you can spruce up a doorway. Scene-stealing flower arrangements, holograms, and life-size props also help your entrance stand out in a sea of nondescript entrances and excite your attendees.

Play with textiles

For corporate events that include dining setups, playing with textiles is a quick and even budget-friendly strategy to instantly elevate the design of a venue. Textured linens, table overlays, and runners evoke elegance and sophistication apt for more formal gatherings like company milestones and anniversary dinners.

Business cocktails, on the other hand, can take advantage of today’s colorful minimalism, an event trend that incorporates pops of vivid color and unexpected patterns in muted and neutral color schemes.

Go monochromatic

Speaking of color, monochromatic tablescapes have also found favor in many big events. Although traditionally associated with more intimate celebrations like weddings and family gatherings, unified color schemes lend a stunning and expressive visual aesthetic to table arrangements.

When it comes to corporate events, monochromatic tablescapes are perfect for branding activities like product launches and trade shows.

Go green

Bringing natural elements to your event is not limited to floral arrangements. Use live plants as centerpieces or timber panels as stage decor or backdrops. They seamlessly bring the outdoors to indoor functions and deliver an eco-friendly feel.

Opt for sustainably-made materials like organic fabrics, biodegradable bouquets, or bamboo cutlery. These items add character to any space or design set up while also minimizing waste.

Front Room Photography | Dynamic Events by David Caruso | Milwaukee Art Museum

Create a ‘living room’ space in big events

Big events like seminars and conferences often last for multiple days while keeping together participants in the same space. Take advantage of this opportunity by creating dedicated ‘living spaces’ at the venue.

Design a cozy nook or use comfortable seating in exhibition halls and outside function rooms for a more conversational setting. Then accessorize the space using custom pillows and upholstery with your brand’s logo or color.

Bring back the nostalgia

Appreciation events are becoming staples for organizations that take engagement seriously. So on the next awards banquet, pique the interest of your client’s stakeholders with a retro-inspired event.

With gold-gilded Art Deco accents and sophisticated prints and furniture, invite your employees or clients to a Great Gatsby-esque evening that celebrates the past year’s corporate success in glamour.

Impress with projection mapping

Projection mapping can instantly transform the event venue into a sensory experience that brings in the wow factor and improves company reputation. It’s a unique visual stimulation that creates a more engaging experience for attendees.

For event planners, this high-tech decoration is suited for activities where companies want to emphasize and highlight the actual venue. Think of fundraising activities at a museum or a charity concert in an auditorium.

Elevate tablescapes with chargers

Gala dinners are often organized to raise funds for charity or to celebrate company milestones. For such big events, the details can make a difference.

Elevate your next event by being creative with chargers and placemats. These decorative accents can enhance your event’s theme and bring focus to the different areas of your venue. As a practical item, chargers can also be serving pieces for hors d’oeuvres and à la carte options.


Design: Birch Design Studio @birchdesignstudio

Floral: @rishithedesigner + @hmrdesigns

Venue: The Ritz-Carlton, Chicago @rcchicago

Try unconventional seating

Traditional event seating can be stifling and limits the networking opportunities among attendees. Plus, no one wants to sit on a monoblock chair for hours. In the next event you’re planning, consider more unconventional seating options and arrangements.

For workshops and lectures, try more informal designs using bean bags and inflatable chairs. Not only are they comfortable, but they can also easily be rearranged to suit the activities held inside a venue, perfect for maximizing event space.

Invest in good lighting

Designing a space is not just a matter of arranging items. Seasoned event planners understand the role of good lighting in transforming a space. Whether it’s a formal shareholders meeting or a company holiday party, lighting can dramatically shift the mood of an occasion.

Color washes, for example, can be used for brand activations as part of experiential marketing. On the other hand, candles and warm, ambient lighting can turn cavernous spaces into more intimate venues, perfect for more relaxed gatherings. 


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