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13 Movies for Event and Wedding Planners to Cozy Up to This Winter 

  While we know that now is a crazy busy season for many event and wedding planners, it is also a perfect time to cozy up on the couch with a comfy blanket or recline your airplane seat to de-stress and re-energize for the week ahead with a good movie. ...


10 Corporate Event Decoration Ideas for Your Clients

  Whether it’s a trade show or an appreciation dinner, companies use corporate events to strengthen professional ties and improve work culture. And with the growing emphasis on people engagement in businesses, CEOs and HR managers have found these activities eve...


Why 7 Event Professionals Loved Using Allseated

Event professionals love to use Allseated when planning events as the tools make the floorplan design process much more efficient and organized. The collaborative nature of the platform combined with the virtual walkthrough capabilities strengthens the relationships bet...


5 Tips to Make Your Meeting and Event Venue More Sustainable 

Wondering how to make your meeting and event venues more sustainable? In this article, we dive into the topic and share 5 tips for making your meeting and event venue more sustainable. Sustainability. It’s a big buzz word in events and meetings, especially for ven...


How to Book More Weddings at Your Venue

Whether it’s a stunning outdoor location or a flexible indoor facility, wedding venues are as diverse as they come. And with more options for couples to choose from, competition can be tight. For venue managers, this means creating a marketing strategy that’s informed b...


 4 Reasons Why Event and Meeting Venues Should Use a Content Marketing Strategy 

  In working with thousands of event and meeting venues around the world, we’ve seen firsthand the best practices and marketing toolkits used today to increase venue discoverability and reach. With the typical buyer making an average of 12 searches online and alre...


Social Selling Success on LinkedIn: A Checklist of 14 Tips for #Eventprofs

  Ask just about any #eventprofs a go-to tip for selling successfully, and you’ll likely hear the value of building relationships and connections. It’s a tried and true technique for good reason – it works. But as potential customers have grown weary of re...


This is Why the Future of Event Planning Will Be Based on Digital Platforms

  If you need a new phone case, you will likely do what most people today do-- type a few quick search words into your browser bar, and lo and behold, in seconds you will be browsing hundreds if not thousands of device cases without leaving your desk. In a matte...


A Note From Sandy on Allseated’s Evolution and Brand

Allseated was born over 7 years ago. In early 2012, we went into our development stage for a year. We tested our product in the market with the help of some of the leading brands in the event industry, including one of the most iconic women of our time, along with so...


How Branding Plays Into Your Sales Process

  When you run a business, your brand is arguably your most valuable asset. It encompasses your values, personality, passions, products, services, and core competencies. Most importantly, it’s what sets your company apart from its competitors.  The av...


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