How Your Venue Can Be the Netflix in the Events Industry

If you went next door to your neighbor’s home and turned on their Netflix, you’ll find that their main menu looks different from your menu. Displayed film and TV recommendations are based on your choices. But it doesn’t stop there. Film covers are even personalized featuring actors and actresses you’ve watched on the platform. Netflix follows your every move, from when you hit pause during a show to collecting your interests. With 300 million and growing member ... Continue reading »

Catering Trends To Wow Event Guests

Catering trends are always changing and never stagnant, which makes working in the catering industry both exciting and sometimes maybe a little overwhelming for us. The pressure to not only keep up with trends but to also remain ahead of the curve can be difficult. Luckily, 2019 brought about a slew of new twists on old catering trends, keeping us inspired and ready to tackle event season! Storytelling with food We know that eating local and organic has seen a... Continue reading »

Breaking Down Convene’s Meetings Market Survey: What It Means for Venues

    To get to the heart of how the needs of planners and organizers are changing, we dug into PCMA Convene’s recently released 28th Annual Meetings Market Survey. Here is what the research means for venues: Takeaway #1: Belt-Tightening Still on the Horizon Of no surprise, most event planners and organizers face the continued challenge of belt-tightening across expenses. Specifically: 63 percent are being asked to reduce F&B expenses 4... Continue reading »

Event Security: Empowering Your Personnel. Top Priority Learning! with Dahlia El Gazzar & Mark Herrera

Having a safe and secure event is a top #eventprofs priority. Join Dahlia El Gazzar with Mark Herrera, Director of Education with the IAVM [International Association of Venue Managers] to learn the necessary steps for prioritizing your event security along with the best practices for crafting your emergency preparedness plan for your event personnel.... Continue reading »

Event Spotlight Round Up!

Everyone loves a good event spotlight article, right?! Event spotlights offer insight into the planning processes while giving a glimpse at the final result --the actual event! We have shared many event spotlights over the years from our users as we LOVE to learn how AllSeated has assisted you with your planning. Looking for inspiration? Want to see how AllSeated helped others during the planning process? Check out this awesome highlight roundup of Event Spotl... Continue reading »

 14 Tips to Tidy Up the Busy #Eventprofs Life

  From Netflix to Instagram, you don’t have to look far to see Marie Kondo’s smiling face. Her new Netflix show, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” is the reason everyone is talking RN about the KonMari Method™ decluttering approach. According to Kondo, if something doesn’t spark joy, it’s time to toss it. In her new show, when you see the tears of those she helps, you can’t help but feel emotional too because we can all relate. Life is messy, especiall... Continue reading »

March Special Guest Webinars

We have three special guest webinars on our calendar in the month of March! March 12 at 12:00 PM EST Choosing The Smartest Technology for Your Event Business Wondering how to be a savvy shopper for technology? Join Karen Gordon, VP of Growth at Goodshuffle Pro, while she teaches you how to search for the best tech solutions, sift through the confusing options, and how to ask salespeople the tough questions before making any decisions. Reserve your spot n... Continue reading »

Selling Social – Showing Off Your Expertise Online with Nick Borelli

Inbound leads come from positive word of mouth and you can increase those online through strategy. With Nick Borelli, learn simple repeatable practices that take your passions and turn them into a cause that the right people will be attracted to and how to utilize social media platforms the right way so that your community will recognize you as the thought leader you are.... Continue reading »

Event Technology Onboarding Roadmap: How Bently Reserve Experienced a 4X ROI with AllSeated

The Bently Reserve is an iconic venue located in the Financial District of San Francisco. The building was well-known as the main headquarters of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco for nearly sixty years. As a reimagined rental venue for special events, business meetings and conferences, the Bently Reserve’s internal sales, marketing, and operations teams faced all-too-familiar challenges: Struggled to provide clients with multiple visual representa... Continue reading »

How to Get Your Team More Active In Their Sales Approach

  If you have a sales team, you know you’re not in this alone. As an entrepreneur, it can be hard at first to delegate such crucial responsibilities to others even though you know how essential it is to spread out the work. After all, you only want what’s best for your brainchild.  Your team’s performance has a direct impact on your client base and your bottom line. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that your team is prepared to actively sell — you w... Continue reading »

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