VR – Short and Long Term Trends at Oculus Connect

  The VP of AllSeated's R & D department, Ronen Tsamir, recently had the opportunity to attend Oculus Connect 2018 in San Jose, California. He had such a wonderful experience and learned so much that he wanted to share his thoughts on the conference in today's blog post!   After attending Oculus Connect, I would like to share my insights on the future of Virtual Reality (VR), from the perspectives of both technology and content. I was excited to learn... Continue reading »

How To Best Outsource Social Media

  Marketing is hard. Marketing takes time. Throw in new and ever-changing social media platforms and it’s very tempting to hand your advertising entirely over to someone else. Sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and other online agencies make it cheap and easy to find independent contractors, VA’s and freelancers whose job it is to know the overall landscape of social media.  Or maybe you are feeling like you don’t “get” Instagram or Snapchat or even Facebook, but... Continue reading »

Managing a Large Team across Multiple Locations

  The day-to-day management of any business is complex, especially when you have a large team working at multiple locations. Top quality staff and an organized approach make all the difference in the world when handling the required logistics. Heather Rouffe, the Director Of Sales and Managing Partner of Atlas Event Rental, outlines her tips below for managing a large team across multiple locations. Provide Clear Expectations Successful team management... Continue reading »

No More Sloppy and Time-Consuming Layouts, Thanks to AllSeated

  We love to learn about the experiences of our users! Today we are featuring Lindsey Nickel, Wedding Business Coach of Lovely Day Strategy  with her story on how using AllSeated has transformed the way she plans weddings and events. When I first started planning events more than ten years ago, Facebook was barely known and Instagram didn’t exist. There certainly wasn’t an online platform to quickly and easily design event diagrams to-scale. Fas... Continue reading »

How To Build Guest List For Corporate Events

Establishing the guest list for an event is the crucial first step for every event planning process. While on the surface it may seem as though a guest list is only about who is invited, it serves purposes well beyond that! Having an established guest list for corporate events will keep you organized while helping to dictate how to proceed with many of the important decisions required throughout the planning process. But how do you go about making a guest list... Continue reading »

5 Ways Tech Will Save Your Event

  There are some combos just meant to be together: peanut butter and jelly, mac and cheese, cookies and milk…and events and technology? OK, so maybe events and technology aren’t the first things that come to mind when talking about fab duos. But the truth is, technology is a vital component of the entire event services spectrum, from event marketing and sales to logistics and execution. Let’s say your afternoon caffeine fix spills all over your bin... Continue reading »

November Special Guest Webinars!

  We are starting the month of November off with a special guest webinar! November 1 / 12:00 PM (EST) On November 1, join Jon'll Boyd of Completely Yours Events to learn how to grow your business by leveraging the power of "No". In this webinar, learn the formula for quality over quantity, understand how to navigate conversations and clients when you need to say no, plus the 4 ways to shift your mindset from one of scarcity to abundance. Regi... Continue reading »

Sandy Hammer named Top Event Management Influencer by Fit Small Business

(New York City, October 25th, 2018) Sandy Hammer has been named a Top Event Management Influencer by Fit Small Business. Hammer provides outstanding event management advice and suggestions to her over 49,200 Facebook, 16,400 Twitter, and 6,000 Instagram followers.   Fit Small Business, a publication for small business owners, awards its Top Influencer award to those who have shown excellence in their field. The site carefully considers an influencer’s exp... Continue reading »

Understanding The Power of Efficiency

Understanding the power of efficiency will help you to streamline processes, and do more with less. Let's take a deeper look at the power of efficiency and how it can help your business! Efficiency To Free Up Resources Efficiency within your business processes and operations can allow a company to accomplish much more, in less time. Saving time not only saves money but helps to create more opportunity for working on tasks and ventures that were previously toss... Continue reading »

Join Us At The Dextra Global VR Summit!

AllSeated is excited to announce that we will be participating in the Dextra Global VR Summit, October 27th-30th! The Dextra Global VR Summit is the world's first summit on VR in VR. It is an online conference aiming to share the experience and insights of pioneers and professionals in VR to the thousands of VR creators of tomorrow, along with the ability to network with peers in similar or complementary professions related to VR. It is a four-day-long online ev... Continue reading »

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