How to Sell Your Venue

The face of modern marketing has changed. Digital marketing tools have become affordable, and some are even free. As easy as developing the digital version of a brand is, however, the standards are still high and the competition is fierce. Every trick and tool available you is equally as accessible to your competition, so execution is critical. The elements below will help you increase sales and hone a message for your prospects that is loud and clear. Your unico... Continue reading »

25 Event Industry Blogs to Follow. Worldwide.

As we have said before, event professionals have many ways to keep up with the latest trends and best practices. There are associations which provide education and networking opportunities, podcasts to listen to on the go, and live events designed for event pros. And of course, there are also blogs. We've previously showcased 20 Best Event Industry Blogs to Followand 11 More of the Best Event Industry Blogs to Follow. When our own G2Blog was named one of the Top ... Continue reading »

7 Smart Ways to Stay Organized While Wedding Planning

Design your seating chart online. Deciding where everyone is going to sit can be overwhelming, especially when planning a large wedding. Ms. Meeks says one way to simplify the process is by creating a seating plan online, such as on All Seated. The website offers a free seating-arrangement tool that lets you choose from a wide range of table arrangements, or upload a customized floor plan. In addition to assigning seats, the site lets you log each guest’s meal info... Continue reading »

Tips For Making Your Venue And Technology Work Together

Managing a venue in the world of special events isn’t for the light of heart. Peak season, logistics, staffing and maintenance – there is a lot to address! Meanwhile, today’s consumer has become accustomed to instant gratification and the bells and whistles of a digital world. While there is no magical wand to wave to make it all better, applying technology-based solutions can help tremendously. Tech that Helps Sell With virtual reality, a sales team can arrang... Continue reading »

Collaborating with Your Clients via Technology

Technology is an equalizer. Small businesses and large have a nearly equal chance of operating efficiently, and providing their clients with high quality service when they employ the available digital business tools to solve common challenges. Apps, software and the equivalent of a tiny computer in every purse or pocket make it easier than ever to manage everything from contracts and invoicing to design, regardless of distance. Wise pros are leveraging collaboration... Continue reading »

AllSeated voted for top 100 Event Planning Blogs 2019

The Best Event Planning blogs from thousands of top Event Planning blogs in our index using search and social metrics.... Continue reading »

Evolution of VR

Virtual Reality (VR) technology is here, and it is fast gaining momentum in the events industry. If you feel a tiny bit blindsided, it can help to understand where it started, how it is being used today, what the implications are for the future. Below, we take a very brief look at its evolution. VR: the beginnings Early commercial VR targeted the entertainment and gaming community, which both tend to be early adopters of technology and accustomed to adapting to ... Continue reading »


“VR Technology for Oculus Go” AllSeated, New York The New York Technology Luncheon was an opportunity to showcase the launch of the company’s latest VR innovation available for use with Oculus Go wireless headsets. VR [Virtual Reality] allows clients to generate event designs while also creating new opportunities for destination wedding planning. At the luncheon, attendees were able to demo VR technology, taking an immersive “tour” of a proposed venue.... Continue reading »

Get your FREE copy of the Global 2019 Trend Report.

Get Access to the Wedding Trend Predictions for 2019 right here from over 100 leading experts. The International Wedding Trend Report brings you the latest trends from the UK and Europe, North America, Australasia, South East Asia and the GCC region. With input from industry pros such as Colin Cowie, Mindy Weiss, and many others it is the most comprehensive report available. The report is produced by the International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning, the lea... Continue reading »

Meetings.2029: Envisioning Gatherings of the Future… Today

Are the meetings you are planning today different from the agendas you printed out five or 10 years ago? How much different will they be in another 10 years? If technology changes everything, will those innovations result in more productive engagements? Will meeting rooms look substantially different—or will we just see subtle changes in the color of the carpet and arrangement of chairs in the ballrooms? Will millennials demand new ways of delivering content, or wil... Continue reading »

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