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Virtual Reality Training: How It Will Transform the Event Industry

Virtual reality has carved out its spot in the special events industry as a great way to collaborate with clients and creative partners. It has been used to sell prospects on venue spaces and design schemes, as well as streamlining the creation of floor plans and layouts. However, VR can play another important role on an internal basis: staff training. With access to multiple platforms, virtual reality helps event professionals work from wherever they are loca... Continue reading »

The Wedding Business Magazine – August 2019

The Wedding Business Magazine August 2019 issue is now out and with a brand new look. This issue is all about diversifying revenue streams and looking at other ways to earn income from what you do as a Wedding CEO.... Continue reading »

Safety and Security Utilizing Tech

Prioritizing safety and security training is an excellent business practice to ensure team members feel safe and to protect the liability of your company. In the past, this has always been done through methods like in-person sessions, digital webinars, and paper handbooks. However, the advancement of technology has brought safety and security training to the forefront with innovative and efficient tools. With the help of digital floor plans and collaborative plannin... Continue reading »

Catering to… Online Planning Tools

Clients today work in a very different manner than in the past. In 2019, everything revolves around being online, to the point where clients expect to do much of their event planning virtually. Most clients, millennials in particular, want instant information about services, pricing, packages, menus, and more. And, they expect to have direct access to someone who can answer questions and collaborate on their event. Additionally, they are likely to be less incline... Continue reading »

Best Event Management Software of 2019

Learn about what event management software tools to look for. Evaluate features and read reviews of the top event planning apps. Before we take an in-depth look at some of the best event management software on the market today, let’s look at the basics of what event management software is, its benefits and how you would go about choosing from the many options available. What is event management software? Event management software is a broad category of applicatio... Continue reading »

Why Virtual Reality Tours Will Become Your New Best Friend

Think virtual reality (VR) goggles are only useful for your teenage nephew’s video games? Think again. Smart Meetings got a behind the scenes look at the emerging technology from Sandy Hammer, Co-Founder of AllSeated. This collaboration network for planning events uses stereoscopic display to create realistic VR tools for venues and planners. Here is what we learned:... Continue reading »

Managing Your Technology

Technology is an excellent addition to any business, but it must be implemented strategically and smartly for it to have a positive effect. Amassing a slew of tech tools without proper training can spell trouble for teams that are trying to get ahead. Careful management of in-house apps and programs can keep the team organized while preventing overwhelm at the sight of a new login. If you’re looking to include more tech into your business operations, keep these t... Continue reading »

Streamlining Your Event Layouts

Increased efficiency is a goal for most event professionals, as it can free up time and mental space to do more with less. For venues, in particular, it can be invaluable to utilize digital floorplan tools to streamline the process of planning and creating layouts. Now more than ever, technology plays a major role in boosting productivity and saving time. Rather than drafting your own floorplan with paper and pencil, a digital planner is much more effective at cr... Continue reading »

Technology is Making a Huge Impact on the Meetings Industry

Effectively using technology is as important to meeting and event planners as to any Fortune 500 company — maybe even more because when planning an event every dollar counts. Technology has become a mission-critical tool for meeting planners and for many, the internet offers inexpensive, viable solutions for their technology needs. With each new day, combining technology with meeting planning tools — through web sites, apps, social marketing and other IT initiatives... Continue reading »

Sales Tips with Tech

Virtual reality is no longer a thing of the future. In fact, it’s beginning to revolutionize the event industry and transform the way we close business. As more people are adapting to the concept, it’s becoming an essential tool for displaying the value in your products and services. In particular, virtual tours and walkthroughs are making it possible to easily book clients from around the world, becoming an essential part of an event business’ strategy. Destinat... Continue reading »

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