Sorin-Alin Pavel, Author at AllSeated


An #Eventprofs Life in 21 GIFs

The bad news…burnout is now a legitimate medical diagnosis, according to the World Health Organization, and event and meeting planners continue to have one of the top ten most stressful careers. But let’s not dwell on the negative, shall we? There is of plenty of good livin’ life as an #eventprof or #meetingprof. Catch a quick breather from the daily stress and relive what life is really like in the events and meetings industry with these twenty-one GIFs. 1... Continue reading »

HR Recruiting Job

Who we are AllSeated is a rapidly growing venture backed company with a best-in-class product for event planning and VR visualization. We have thousands of customers who love the product, including blue-chip clients, with significant market opportunity ahead. We are looking for an experienced Enterprise Sales Hunter who will close deals with big hotel chains, convention centers, venue chains and more, all across North America.  If you have a software sales backgr... Continue reading »

Bring the Power of AllSeated Onsite With Our Day-Of App!

Bring the power of AllSeated with you to your events using the AllSeated Day-Of App! The Day-Of App mobilizes your essential event details including your floorplans, reports, and guest list. View your floorplan onsite in real-time and check in guests as they arrive!... Continue reading »

Get a Glimpse of How Your Clients Work in AllSeated

This webinar is perfect for all of you event pros who’d like to collaborate with your clients in AllSeated! Get a glimpse of what your client sees when they log into AllSeated to better understand the power of our tools!... Continue reading »

Become an AllSeated Pro in No Time!

This webinar is for all of you event professionals out there! We’ll take an in-depth look at AllSeated’s tools and coach you on how to easily build a precise floorplan, space and align tables, adjust seating, work with custom objects, create floorplan templates, build out timelines, and how to collaborate with others.... Continue reading »

Hosting an Event? Get up and Running With AllSeated in No Time!

Getting married? Planning a party? Hosting an event? This quick training session will get you up and running with your AllSeated account in no time! Tune in and we’ll show you how to quickly build your floorplans, manage your guest list, handle your seating arrangements, track RSVP’s, use the timeline, and more!... Continue reading »