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Become an AllSeated Pro in No Time!

  This webinar is for all of you event professionals out there! We’ll take an in-depth look at AllSeated’s tools and coach you on how to easily build a precise floorplan, space and align tables, adjust seating, work with custom objects, create floorplan templates, bu...


10 Things Your Wedding Planner Probably Wished You Knew

In today’s wedding planning feature we go behind the scenes with Sandy Hammer, cofounder of free event planning platform, AllSeated, who shares 10 things that your wedding planners probably wished you knew. “Few brides have ever planned a wedding before, so it’s underst...


4 Creative Ways to Set Up Your Wedding Ceremony Chairs

Pssst! Brides, want to keep your friends and family on the edge of their seats? Start your wedding off with something unique. Whether your end goal is to create a more intimate atmosphere or to just be different than the typical couple, these alternative ceremony layou...


6 Unique Ways To Seat Your Guests

A dozen round tables with assigned numbers isn’t the only way to seat wedding guests! There are so many overlooked seating options that can surprise your loved ones and create a memorable atmosphere for your reception, large or small. Wedding planners and newlyweds hav...


10 Websites Every Bride Should Use To Plan Her Wedding

All Seated is a free site that allows couples to view their venue map, build their guest list, and even plan their seating charts (which we all know can be super stressful)....