There are numerous benefits to using AllSeated to arrange your wedding seating chart!

Access to state-of-the-art guest list.

The start of the wedding planning process begins with your guest list! It’s imperative to build your guest list early on so that you understand your needs before beginning the search for the perfect wedding venue. You can’t select a wedding venue until you know how many guests you will need to accommodate!

Build and manage your event guest list in your AllSeated account. Enter guest names and mailing addresses which can be stored alphabetically or filtered into categories for even easier organization.

Within your guest list you also have the ability to keep notes, enter meal type information and track RSVP’s directly in your account.

Floorplans designed to scale.

Once you have your wedding venue selected, you can begin to design your wedding floorplan layout.

The seating tab within your AllSeated account will give you access to your wedding floorplan. Your floorplan will be available to you once it is uploaded into the AllSeated platform.

Most venues already have floorplans uploaded into the AllSeated platform.
In the event that you cannot find your floorplan, you can provide us with a floorplan marked with at least one accurate dimension and our team will scale and upload it into the platform for you.

The objects section provides you the opportunity to design your wedding floorplan layout. Select objects from various categories in order to locate the tables along with any other objects that will be used at your wedding and then arrange them in your floorplan.

Since AllSeated’s tools are collaborative, you can invite your vendors into your account for added support. Perhaps your wedding venue contact has a great idea for a wedding floorplan layout. They can show you a few layout options directly in your account that work well for the room, leaving you with great ideas for your floorplan and seating arrangements.

View the floorplan layout in 3D at any time to create a virtual walk through of your wedding day.

Seating arrangements

As your RSVP’s come in, you can begin to arrange your wedding seating chart within your AllSeated account.

The seating tab within your AllSeated account provides you with access to your floorplans, guest list, and layout.

You can easily seat your guests directly from your guest list at the tables you have positioned in your floorplan layout.

While in the seating tab, click on the guests tab to the left, to have access to your guest list. Simply select a guest, and then click the table in your floorplan at which you want the guest to sit.

AllSeated also offers the option to seat your guests at specific seats, by first placing them at a table, clicking that table, and assigning them to their specific seat.

Since AllSeated’s tools are collaborative, invite your bridal party, your fiance or close family members into your account for extra help in determining who to seat at which table to make it perfect!

Using AllSeated to create and manage your seating chart allows you flexibility in layout and arrangement. There’s no need to stress changes as they can be made so easily with all updates done in real-time.

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To-Scale floor plans for your venue

Your floorplans will look amazing! Send them to us and within 24 hours we will digitize, scale and upload them to your account.

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Event Planners / Caterers / Vendors

AllSeated’s state-of-the-art tools are all you need to plan your event, together.

It’s Event Planning re-imagined.

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