New York is a popular location for weddings and events so you will want to plan ahead and go into the process as organized as possible to ensure you have the best opportunity to select the perfect event venue in New York to meet your needs.

Consider these important factors when seeking event venues in New York!

Know Your Budget & Guest List

As always, we recommend that you establish your guest list and event budget at the start of your planning process. When looking at event venues in New York, you will absolutely need to know your budget, as well as the number of guests you are inviting in order to narrow down the venues at hand and ultimately select the venue that will match your needs. You don’t want to look at venues that are out of your budget range or too large or small for your guest list!

Advanced Planning

Event venues in New York book well in advance. If you are looking to plan an event in the New York area, you will want to secure your event date with the event venue in New York as early as possible. Knowing this, begin your planning process and venue selection as early as you can to ensure you have your choice of venues on your list.

Consider Time Of Year

When selecting event venues in New York, consider the time of year for your event. If you are hoping for an outdoor event, the seasons in New York may impact your selection. If you have a specific outdoor event space in mind, consult with the venue to determine if they operate their outdoor portion seasonally or year round.

Venue Layout Tools

Allseated Vision image | Mandarin Oriental New York

Travel and Accomodations

Is the event you are planning in the New York area a destination event? Will guests need to travel to attend? Remember to consider your family and guests when it comes to selecting event venues in New York area. Factor in travel, transportation, and even accommodations if necessary before making your decisions.

Type of Venue

When researching event venues in New York, consider the type of event space you are looking for as a way to further narrow down your search. Are you looking for a restaurant venue, hotel, museum, or other type of unique event space?

Carefully considering these factors will put you well on your way to planning a fantastic event in New York!

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