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Benefits of Using Allseated Seating Chart Software

Allseated is the world’s most innovative event planning platform. Read More

Why Wedding Couples Are Loving Allseated Seating Plan Software

Seating plan software is crucial for wedding couples today who are looking to easily organize their wedding planning. Read More

Allseated’s Seating Chart Tool

Wedding couples and event hosts often ask their event planner for the perfect “seating chart maker” to assist them in handling their floorplan layout and seating arrangements. Read More

Get Creative With Your Table Seating

Allseated offers you the option to get creative with your table seating by providing you the tools needed to easily create your floorplan layouts. Read More

You Get More Than Just A Digital Seat Chart

Allseated provides functionality, organization and attention to detail all in one place, eliminating the need for spreadsheets, PDF files, hand-drawn floorplans and seating charts! Read More

What To Consider When Seeking Small Event Venues

Small Event Venues For Your Wedding Related Events Read More

Arranging Your Table Seating Chart With AllSeated

Allseated’s online network for planning events provides you with the tools you’ll need to plan and manage all of your event details. Read More

Benefits of Creating Event Seating Chart With Allseated

As you plan your event, you will come across the task of arranging your event seating chart. Read More


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What Seating Arrangements May Look Like With Social Distancing

Social Distancing may be the phrase of 2020. As states and regions begin to ease restrictions and we see events taking place again, social distancing (and as we like to call it, physical distancing) will remain top of mind. It will be critical when planning for weddings, events, and meetings to follow local regulations and […]

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How To Create Corporate Holiday Party Seating Chart

  With holiday party planning in full swing, we put together our top tops for easily organizing and creating your corporate holiday party seating chart! First, look at your corporate holiday party seating chart history. How did you go about arranging corporate holiday party seating charts in the past? This information will help you to […]

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Seating Tips Kleinfeld Blog Feature

Holiday Seating Tips (Kleinfeld Blog Feature)

  We are super excited about our recent Kleinfeld Blog feature! Sandy Hammer, Co-Founder & CMO of AllSeated shares her Holiday Seating tips in the Kleinfeld Blog article entitled 5 Tips To Seating Charts During the Holiday Season! Sandy has you covered when it comes to the seating styles you may be looking to create for your upcoming holiday parties along […]

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mastering the art of destination wedding floorplans

Mastering The Art of Destination Wedding Floorplans

  When you are in charge of planning or designing a wedding in a far-off destination, having a strong command of the floorplan is an imperative first step in creating the perfect look and flow. When the wedding is in your area, you have the luxury of multiple visits to be sure you are getting the […]

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where should you sit at your wedding

Where Should You Sit At Your Wedding?

  Viva Max Kaley, creator of Viva Max Weddings, is here today to discuss seating options for your special day. Thanks, Viva! Your guests want nothing more than to feel like they’re a part of this experience with you, so where the wedding couple sits says a lot. We all know seating plans in general can […]

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Mitzvah Planning Spotlight Using AllSeated

We thought it would be interesting to have a member of the AllSeated team share their personal experience with using AllSeated to plan a special event. Meredith is currently planning her son’s Bar Mitzvah and has been using her own AllSeated account throughout the planning process. She is thrilled to share her thoughts with you and will continue to […]

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Organize your wedding planning with these tips

Organize Your Wedding Planning With These Tips

  Ilana Rubin of Perfect The Event, is here today as a contributor to the AllSeated blog to share her wedding planning organization tips with us! Having a wedding planner can truly take the stress away from the wedding planning process. However, not everyone has a wedding planner and even if they do, it’s still important […]

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Mitzvah Seating Ideas

Mitzvah Seating Ideas

Brynne Magaziner of Pop Color Events is here today as a contributor to the AllSeated blog to discuss Mitzvah Seating Ideas. Mitzvah planning often requires extra special attention to the event seating arrangements due to the number of guests who are children in relation to the number of adult guests on the list. Seating arrangements for the kids vary greatly […]

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How To Create The Perfect Seating Plan

How To Create The Perfect Seating Plan

Creating the perfect seating plan for your event does not need to be challenging! So long as you are equipped with the knowledge on how to go about tackling the seating task, you can do it with ease. We had the pleasure of speaking with event planner, Vanda High from Vanda High Events here in Manhattan […]

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wedding seating chart tips

5 Helpful Seating Chart Tips

  AllSeated’s planning features are both time saving and stress relieving which is awesome for your wedding planning process! However, we do not want want you wasting hours of stressful time figuring out how and where to seat your guests when it comes time to tackling your seating arrangements so we are here to help! We […]

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