The Wedding Business Magazine April 2017

This issue of the magazine is all about making a success of yourself and your business in the wedding industry.


The Best Apps For Wedding Planning

Before smartphones were ubiquitous, planning for your big day meant using paper calendars and handwritten to-do lists. But now, getting ready for your wedding is easier than ever thanks to technology.
Push notifications remind you to order stationery, schedule your dress fittings, and track down missing RSVPs. YouTube videos can teach you and your partner simple moves so you can nail the first dance. And it’s likely your guests will rely on your personal wedding website for all the details.

Wedding Planning 2.0: The Dos and Don’ts of Planning on the Web

So, to help guide us through what we should, and shouldn’t be planning on the web for our wedding, we’ve got a special guest on the blog today. Sandy Hammer, is cofounder of the free online wedding planning marketplace AllSeated (their floorplan tool is so helpful!)

With a site that’s used by thousands of planners and couples, we figured Sandy knows her wedding tech – so listen up to her dos and don’ts for using the web for wedding planning.


Hot Tip: Use Allseated For Seating Charts And More

Hi friends! As I’ve mentioned before, the seating chart is often one of the most complex parts of wedding or event planning. Today, I’d like to share one of my favorite tools to make that pesky task so much easier: AllSeated! This tool has made my life so much easier. It’s perfect for all my fellow event planners and, of course, couples planning their big day. Oh, and it’s FREE!