1. Organize your guest list. 

When RSVPs start hitting your email or inbox — start grouping your guests together. The groups will come in handy when it’s time to arranging your seating. Examples of groups include: college friends, family, friends, colleagues and even a category for special needs. Don’t underestimate the ‘special needs’ group as a few of your guests may have difficulty walking far into a room, may need close access to a restroom, or may be hard of hearing which affect how close/far they are away from the DJ or band. 

Luckily, AllSeated provides you a state of the art guest tool where you can manage your guest list and then arrange your seating directly from that list. It’s not only super easy, but fun too! 



We’re back again with the talented Janice of Bellwether Events, here to give us more tips and advice on at-home weddings! Today she’s chatting with us about wedding floor plans. Although this might not sound like the most exciting part of planning your wedding, it is incredible vital to the overall success of your event. Because of this, we suggest you tune in! Take it away, Janice!

Last month I wrote about wedding tents and hopefully I gave you a good foundation of knowledge to begin planning your tented home wedding. Before that, I launched this wedding advice series with a post about guest lists and wedding budgets, so this is a good time to get into detail about what will go into your tent.


Must-have apps for your wedding!

Organizing and implementing a wedding is a TON of hard work. With planning comes a lot of small and large tasks that arise daily, and they are all very important for the flow of the big day!

Although we sometimes curse the ever changing technological world, we have to give it props sometimes. It has brought about millions of phone apps that will make a brides life much easier to manage!

So, here it is! The top 7 apps you must have for your wedding.

Floor Plan Management – Creating a floor plan/seating plan is like playing jigsaw – trying to place everyone in the right place. You can absolutely make your floor plan the traditional way, with pen and paper, OR you could download allseated. AllSeated is an app tool that allows you to create your floor plan, input your guest list, and move all your guests around on the floor plan to find them the perfect seat. To ensure you like the setup when your done, you can even view your space in 3D.


6 Things Brides Forget To Do When Getting Ready For The Big Day

The morning of the wedding is sure to be filled with lots of excitement–and maybe some nerves and a pinch of stress. So it would be normal to forget to do a few key things before you put on your dress. Here are six you’ll want to remember.


Brides are often too busy and stressed to remember to eat the morning of their wedding. Skipping meals, especially on the day of your wedding, is a big no-no, says Sandy Hammer of All Seated. “It’s critical for brides to make time to eat in order to prevent hunger-related issues such as dizziness, fainting and nausea later in the day. If nerves have you missing your appetite, choose belly-friendly foods like toast, oatmeal, pretzels or cereal. Anything that sounds appealing will do!”