As the holiday season is in full swing, we gathered our top strategic event planning tips to help you with the seating and floorplan process. These tips will assist you in planning your holiday events as well as events any time of the year too!

Establish Guest List & Budget

The first step for any strategic event planning process is to establish the event budget and guest list. Knowing the funds you have to spend as well as the number of guests on your list will assist in selecting your venue and planning the rest of the event.

Once both are established, you are best equipped to select your venue.

Select Seating Style

When planning corporate holiday parties and events, you may choose to go with the ever popular, laid-back vibe. Food is typically served buffet style with passed hor d’oeuvres and unique food stations. To work with this trend in your strategic event planning process, arrange your floorplan with traditional tables but don’t assign guests to tables. Allow guests to mingle and choose their own seats as they work the room and seek out their food choices.

If you want to take the laid-back vibe a step further, consider lounge furniture with comfy couches and high top tables with bar stools in place of the traditional seating styles. Bonus strategic event planning tip: Remember to keep table centerpieces at a height that allows conversation to flow between guests.

To avoid obstructing sight lines, make use of AllSeated’s table builder as you work on your floorplans and seating! The designer tools will assist you in visualizing what fits to-scale on your tabletops and buffet tables.

Floorplan Extras

As part of your strategic event planning process, remember to keep the extra floorplan details in mind. Include room for the dance floor and entertainment spots in the floorplan layout. If you are planning to have a guest speaker, remember to consider where the speaker will be positioned in relation to your seating to ensure sight lines are visible. You want to avoid obstructions in viewing, if possible.

Utilize Mobile Check-In

AllSeated’s Day-Of Mobile App for tablets is the perfect tool for corporate holiday parties and events.

Mobile Check-In can be a critical part of your strategic event planning process as it is the best way to easily keep track of how many of your guests have arrived. AllSeated’s mobile app gives the guest count in real-time which helps you to understand who is missing. This information is useful in determining when to start the events for the evening if you have scheduled speeches and/or special entertainment. If there are specific seating assignments for the event, the mobile check-in will be able to provide those to you as well. As you check guests in, easily give them their table number.

Learn more about AllSeated’s Day Of Mobile App here!

Seeing is Believing!

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Give your clients a gift they will never forget! Allseated now offers the experience of creating a Virtual Reality (VR) “look around” of a 3D designed floorplan. The VR offer will include a pair of goggles that hold a mobile phone so that you can view your floorplans anywhere and anytime. Download the Allseated mobile app now: iOS or Android.

Allseated Vision

Showcase your venue in Allseated's life-like, immersive, virtual reality technology which truly brings your property to life. Our VR uses 360 diagramming and is a genuine virtual reality tool that is able to bring venues the biggest ROI in the history of event technology!