Today’s client seeks everything out online, including the vendors they are interested in for their events! If they can’t navigate your site well and find the valuable information they are looking for, you will not get their business.

Party planning websites within the event industry must address the items and information that clients are looking for so that they can fully grasp and appreciate the services that are offered from your company for events.

Party planning websites should include the following criteria:

Quality Images

Party planning websites should feature the professional photos taken at the weddings, events, and photo shoots for which their services were used. You want to use the images that show off your business and capture just why a client should hire your services. Visualization is key! A quality photo can really give clients a taste of the experience they hire you for their event. In addition to having a photo gallery available on the website, you may wish to work with designer on your site to determine the best images to feature on the main page as this is the first image potential clients will see.

About Us/Services Section

It’s important for party planning websites to accurately detail the services that they provide. An About Us section is great too as it gives background about your company and an inside glimpse of how you started. Clients today still like that personable feeling and an About Us section can do just that!

Within the services section, party planning websites should detail and list the various services and packages available so that potential clients are armed with as much information about your company and services as possible.

Clients in today’s market want access to as much information as possible from websites. They don’t want to call you until they have seen the information of interest from your website first. If they like what they see from the party planning websites of their vendors, they will make it a point to get in contact with the vendor, getting closer to booking for their event.

Contact Information and Social Media Handles

Proper contact information on party planning websites is crucial, along with all links to social media. Make the information clearly visible and well placed so that clients can easily understand where and how to reach you. List phone numbers, email addresses, and hours of best contact.


It’s worth it for party planning websites to include a blog section. Writing original content for your site helps your event business in so many ways. Blog articles provide you with the opportunity to share your industry knowledge or even a recap of a special event that you planned. These blog posts can then be shared on social media, expanding your reach throughout the industry and to potential new clients.


While not all party planning websites are open to listing their pricing structures, today’s client has come to expect transparency when it comes to viewing pricing in advance. You may want to be open to listing the pricing for your services so that potential clients are aware early on if your services will fall within their event budget. It can be useful as well to offer a section for custom pricing. Custom pricing can be made available if the client wants to schedule an appointment with you which is a great way to get them on the phone!

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