Clients today do everything online, including their wedding and event planning! They seek out the latest trends on Pinterest, browse social media for inspiration and ideas, and research potential vendors and event planners through online searches.

Having an event planner website established will assist clients in not only finding you, but understanding what you have to offer.

What should be included in your event planner website?


It’s important that every event planner website accurately detail the services provided. Detail the various packages of services so that potential clients have the information they need to determine if they feel your services can meet their needs.

Today’s client wants as much information as possible at their fingertips rather than having to pick up the phone to ask questions. If they like what they see, they will contact you and be much closer to making a final decision at that point.


An event planner website should feature the professional photos taken at the weddings, events, and photo shoots for which your services were used. Clients seek out these images as a sample of your work in order to get a feel for the types of events you handle. Visualization is key!

Contact Information and Social Media Handles

Proper contact information along with all links to social media should be available within your event planner website. List phone numbers, email addresses, and hours of best contact so that your clients are best informed for when they can reach you.

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While not all event planners choose to share their pricing structures, today’s client has come to expect transparency with pricing in advance. You may choose to list the pricing for your services so that potential clients can learn early on in their process if your services fall within their budget. Offering a section for custom pricing is an option as well which will help you to get the client on the phone and talking about the possibility of working together.


It’s worth including a blog within the event planner website. Writing original content for your site helps your website in so many ways. Blog articles provide you with content that you can share on social media. It also gives information for clients to read about while also providing an opportunity for you to share event spotlights as well as educational articles about the planning process. A blog gives you the chance to write about your area of expertise which helps wedding couples and hosts learn so much about the planning process for their own events.

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