Increased efficiency is a goal for most event professionals, as it can free up time and mental space to do more with less. We know that floorplan software for event planning, like AllSeated’s event planning platform, proves invaluable for the streamlining of the planning process and digital creation of floorplan layouts.

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Technology plays a major role in boosting productivity and saving time now more than ever.

For example, rather than drafting your own floorplan with paper and pencil, digital planning tools and event management software are much more effective for collaborative planning.

The enhanced visualization, accuracy, and ability to collaborate in real time prove invaluable when working with vendor teams and clients.

Increase organization, save time, and improve communication and efficiency by ditching binders and paper printouts for good with event planner tools that can digitally assist with:

  • Managing multiple event-related tasks
  • Designing and updating room layouts
  • Streamlining check-in
  • Communicating with event staff
  • and so much more.

Finding the best event planning software and event management tools can seem overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be.

Before selecting the event management tools for your event business, be strategic and smart about your choices. When seeking the best event planning software, apps, and programs for your team, consider these four points:

  1. Ease of Use (and intuitiveness)
  2. The amount of time you will save
  3. Cost (is it a free app and if not, is it worth the price?)
  4. How well it works on both desktop and mobile device

Here are some tried and true event management tools to consider for your event business:


Who among us hasn’t jotted down an important reminder on a sticky note only to forget where we left it?

24me is an easy-to-use, “smart” personal assistant tool that puts everything related to your schedule – like tasks, to-do lists or notes – in one digital location.


If you haven’t made the switch to a project management platform like Trello, Asana or Basecamp, AirTable may be just the solution for you.

Online reviews call it “the world’s friendliest database.” One big reason event professionals love it is the included detailed and customizable event marketing and event planning templates.

Another big plus? AirTable organizes deadlines and deliverables in a variety of visual formats, like a calendar, grid or Kanban board formats – something many right-brained planners prefer over traditional spreadsheets filled with rows and columns of data.


Create the perfect floorplan and seating chart using AllSeated, the best event planning software available for the event industry. Instead of making multiple updates to paper copies and re-distributing each version to vendor partners and team members, planners use AllSeated’s event management software to virtually collaborate on creating the desired floorplan layout and seating chart with ability to view in 3D with virtual walkthrough capabilities, making it easy to keep everyone up-to-date in real-time.

Caterease Software

Caterease Software is an incredibly powerful, feature-rich catering and event planning solution. Designed in conjunction with its more than 30,000 users throughout the industry, Caterease boasts a depth of development that is unrivaled – with an environment that is familiar and easy to use. And with three versions offering varying levels of functionality, customers can get started easily and inexpensively and then be confident the program will grow along with them as their business needs grow.

Goodshuffle Pro

Goodshuffle Pro is a one-stop shop event management software tool built specifically for event rental, production, and design businesses. Save hundreds of hours (and headaches!) with automatic inventory tracking & conflict detection, photo-driven proposals, online signatures & payments, dynamic pull sheets, CRM tools, task management, and beautiful reports and dashboards. The party planning tool supports a wide range of vendors, from small party rental shops to large-scale event production and design firms. PLUS: Goodshuffle Pro offers nlimited training and support!


Tripleseat is a sales and event management platform that helps restaurants, hotels, and unique venues streamline the planning process and increase event sales. More than 40,000 event managers use Tripleseat every day to book and plan the perfect event for their customers.

AllSeated and Tripleseat offer a collaborative integration giving customers customers the power of Tripleseat’s event management features plus seamless access to 3D and VR floorplanning, guest list management and seating arrangement, saving customers time and travel, allowing for a faster, easier planning and booking process and optimizing the way event planners do business.

Total Party Planner

Manage your business and organize every detail of your events using the Total Party Planner platform. From an integrated calendar to seamless reports, the online catering software covers everything seamlessly from the kitchen to the books. has you covered from the kitchen to the books. Streamline catering operations for organized events, easy staffing, recipe scaling, communication tracking, beautiful reports, and so much more. Total Party Planner is integrated with AllSeated to further streamline event management processes!


If you’re ditching the binder, makes sense to eliminate paper business cards too, right? The CamCard app scans business cards and saves the information instantly to your phone contacts. And, if you run out of business cards, you can digitally and securely exchange electronic cards.

Hemingway Editor

Granted, most event planners don’t carry around a hard copy dictionary or thesaurus. But between proofing emails, website content or any other event communication, or writing or reviewing contracts, it doesn’t hurt to have a digital proofreading tool at your fingertips.

Start writing within Hemingway Editor, or paste what you’ve already created and you’ll see hints and suggestions to make written content stronger and clearer.


Take the hassle out of scheduling and communicating with event staff or volunteers. InitLive allows you to bulk-create and assigns shifts, enable self-scheduling for staff to pick their ideal shifts, make last-minute schedule changes on your phone and more.

Plus, InitLive keeps planners and staff informed with automatic shift reminders, check-in statuses, and schedule updates as well as the ability for planners to send custom broadcast messages to filtered staff lists.


In the quest to ditch paper copies, let’s not forget event feedback forms. Attendee feedback is essential throughout the event as well as once the event is over.
Slido makes it easy for attendees to digitally respond to questions, polls, and live surveys. To join, attendees simply open up any web browser and enter the specific event code – no app downloads required.

Nexus Data Group

A group of former event industry and tech experts came together to develop a desktop and mobile platform designed to help organizers better harness event data.

Through data synchronization services that combine data from multiple sources—including attendee databases, registration, housing, mobile app, event website, session attendance, exhibitor guide, lead retrieval, and more—as well as automated, personalized emails, the Nexus Data Group helps eventprofs increase attendance and attendee engagement.

Super Planner

Called “the Swiss Army Knife for meeting planners” by Corporate Meetings & Incentives magazine, Super Planner lives up to its name with dozens of planning tools, including calculators for venue capacity, staffing, catering, staging, projection, table size, aspect ratios and dance floor sizing that will help planners dump their binders for good.

Trello – Project Management

If you’ve never heard or used Trello, your life is about to change. This powerful project event management platform works to help teams organize and collaborate on any project, in one glance. It works by assigning specific projects to a “Board” and using “cards” to assign tasks and document important information – including links, attachments, images, and more.

You can invite your entire team and assign them to specific boards, cards or tasks. Even more exciting, is Trello integrates with most business apps to help streamline everything and keep everyone in the loop.

Slack – Instant Communication

Instant messaging is back, and better than ever. For busy businesses, having the ability to communicate with your team instantly is crucial. Using a free app – such as Slack – is a great way to improve your event team’s communication, instantly and easily.

Available on desktops and mobile devices, your team members will never miss a beat when they are carrying Slack around.


If graphic design isn’t your specialty and you can’t afford to bring on a professional, check out Canva for a free alternative. With millions of images and easy-to-use editing tools, you can create anything from print marketing materials to those snazzy curated Instagram photos you love so much.

Agorapulse and Sprout Social

These two social media management platforms provide tools for engaging, publishing and collaborating across all the major social media platforms. Both offer different paid options tailor-made for individual eventprofs, small groups of planning team or large organizations.

In the comments below, let us know your favorite tips and tricks for keeping #eventprofs’ lives tidy!

And Remember:

It’s important to sell the value of the event planner tools to your team. Be sure to provide all background information on the event technology including what they will need to login and get set up. If there are trainings, tutorials, or webinars to take advantage of, share this information with your team as well.

For those who struggle with technology, provide them with extra support and even one-on-one training if needed. Schedule some time to go over the new tech in full detail, allowing ample opportunity for questions from the team. In other cases, it might make sense to provide instructional tutorial videos and written materials for employees to consult later on if they have questions.

Just because an app has great reviews from other users does not mean that it’s a fit for your business structure. Use the event management tools, apps, and programs which provide efficiency and that you can lean on to assist with daily tasks and collaboration with your team. You will find the programs which are working for you fairly naturally as they become second nature to getting work done, automatically weeding out those that aren’t really helping.

The feedback from your event team is key. Listen to them if they say an app isn’t cutting it, or if another program is great but could really benefit from investing in the paid version. Always consult your team as you evaluate current tech needs.
Evaluate the cost. Many of the best apps are not free and those fees can quickly add up and endanger a business rather than help. Therefore, a fee-based event planning tool must provide more value than it costs. Evaluate whether it alleviates your identified pain points and helps you organize and streamline your business in the ways you expected.

It can help to establish a way to track and monitor ROI so you can decide whether or not to continue using fee-based services with the help of actual data rather than just instinct. Again, this is where your team can be invaluable as they can tell you which tools are game-changers and which have room for improvement.

Allseated Vision

Showcase your venue in Allseated's life-like, immersive, virtual reality technology which truly brings your property to life. Our VR uses 360 diagramming and is a genuine virtual reality tool that is able to bring venues the biggest ROI in the history of event technology!

Seeing is Believing!

The first to be seen in our industry for professionals.
Give your clients a gift they will never forget! Allseated now offers the experience of creating a Virtual Reality (VR) “look around” of a 3D designed floorplan. The VR offer will include a pair of goggles that hold a mobile phone so that you can view your floorplans anywhere and anytime. Download the Allseated mobile app now: iOS or Android.

Designer Tool

Allseated's 3D Designer Tool is a Scaled Table & Buffet Builder. It shows you exactly what can fit on a tabletop, so there is no more guesswork around how the tabletop layout will look on the day of your event. Choose from a library of items including tableware, silverware, glassware, buffet pieces, center pieces, and linens.

Create Awesome Floorplans in Minutes!

Build your floorplans in minutes using a few simple tools. Join tables, knock off chairs and save templates for future events. Get access to thousands of scaled floorplans already in our library and watch our 3D viewing bring it all to life - it's spectacular!

Collaborate With Ease!

How amazing to share the details of your event with your entire team! No more PDF’s means no more mixing up versions. For the first time, you can have everything available in one place, all updated in real-time.