Whether you are hosting your first big event or are a seasoned event industry pro, these free webinars are packed with useful tips.

How To Hire A Potentially Great Salesperson

Do you have a good system for vetting potential candidates to fill an open sales position? Do you ask the right questions, interpret their potential, and know they will fit into your company culture before you offer them a job? In this webinar with Meryl Snow, learn key factors you can use to evaluate a potential candidate and increase your chances of making the perfect hire the first time.... See Available Times »

How To Craft Your Personal Brand As An Event Professional

Personal brands act as a way to identify yourself and what you value in a way that tells people that you’re an expert in a certain area. Whether you’re a business owner or building the corporate ladder, developing a strong personal brand can help you build your reputation as a thought leader in your niche. In this 30 minute webinar with Meghan Ely of OFD Consulting, you will learn: • Promotional tactics to help shape your personal brand • How to fine tune your ... See Available Times »

Working With My Client In AllSeated

This webinar will show you what it looks like on the other side! • See the invitation your clients receive • How your client needs to register • The benefits of working with your client in AllSeated • And most importantly how you can up-sell this as a business! Just pick a time that fits your schedule. Please register at least 24 hours in advance to receive the confirmation email containing instructions on how to join your webinar. Webinars are offered in ... See Available Times »

Going Mobile With The Day-Of App!

Quickly learn the benefits of using AllSeated’s new Day-Of App for tablets. The session will cover the tools available in the app, how to view your floor plans on site, and how to easily check in guests as they arrive. Please note that this webinar requires that you have access to AllSeated’s Day-Of App for tablets. The app is available free for iPads and Android tablets from the respective app stores. This webinar also requires that you already have an upcomi... See Available Times »

A Walk Through of AllSeated for Event Hosts

Getting married? Hosting an event? This session will have you up and running in no time! During this brief free training session, we’ll show you how to quickly build your floorplans, manage your guest list, handle your seating arrangements, track RSVP’s and use the timeline features!... See Available Times »

A Walk Through of AllSeated for Event Pros

If you're an event professional, this free webinar will make you an AllSeated master in no time. This session takes an in-depth look at AllSeated’s tools including how to build a precise floorplan, how to space and align tables, adjust seating, work with custom objects, templates, timelines and how to collaborate with others. Get ready to save hours of time on every event and deliver even better service to your clients!... See Available Times »

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