Wedding Planning 2.0: The Dos and Don’ts of Planning on the Web

So, to help guide us through what we should, and shouldn’t be planning on the web for our wedding, we’ve got a special guest on the blog today. Sandy Hammer, is cofounder of the free online wedding planning marketplace AllSeated (their floorplan tool is so helpful!) With a site that’s used by thousands of planners and couples, we figured Sandy knows her wedding tech – so listen up to her dos and don’ts for using the web for wedding planning.... Read article »


Hot Tip: Use Allseated For Seating Charts And More

Hi friends! As I’ve mentioned before, the seating chart is often one of the most complex parts of wedding or event planning. Today, I’d like to share one of my favorite tools to make that pesky task so much easier: AllSeated! This tool has made my life so much easier. It’s perfect for all my fellow event planners and, of course, couples planning their big day. Oh, and it’s FREE!... Read article »


32 Ways To Make Planning A Wedding So Much Less Stressful

“As a wedding planner, I cannot stress enough how important it is to start your seating plan early. It’s so much more time consuming and complicated than you realize — I’ve lost count of the number of couples I’ve known who are still doing it until the small hours of the morning of their wedding.” —charlyaikens Check out AllSeated, a free service that lets you import your guests’ names from an Excel doc and venue’s floor plans.... Read article »


3 Of Our Favorite Spring Color Palettes

The spring season can offer so much to a wedding in terms of color and décor! But before incorporating any specific colors into your design, we recommend creating a solid floorplan so that you know where your guests, furniture and other décor will go. Thousands of planners and couples use the free AllSeated platform to create their floorplans in 3D. You can even pick out rental furniture pieces and really see what your big day is going to look like. Once you have yo... Read article »


5 Things To Do First When You Start Wedding Planning

Engaged? Cheers! Planning your wedding doesn’t have to be stressful! With a lot of research and preparation, the planning process can be very exciting! It may be a bit difficult to figure out where to start, but here are a few things that you should definitely do first! Details Made Simple is sharing their top 5 tips to help you get started with wedding planning! Details Made Simple specializes in Day-of-Coordination to help you put together your special event.... Read article »


3 Free (and Very Cool) Tools for Event Planners

AllSeated: Always free, forever, AllSeated is a great tool for designing floor plans, managing guest lists, and creating visual seating charts. It’s perfect for small events and quick mock-ups for your clients, and super handy for your personal events as well!... Read article »


5 Crucial Questions to Ask Your Wedding Planner

Just as it’s important to find the dress that feels like “the one”, finding the right planner for your wedding can make a huge difference in how you will feel during your planning experience and on your wedding day. But that doesn’t mean it should be difficult. Armed with the right set of questions, you will find the perfect planner in no time. To help us figure out the best questions to ask, we got help from Sandy Hammer, the co-founder of AllSeated, a FREE wedding... Read article »

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5 Rules Of A Perfect Wedding Seating Plan

As much as your wedding is about you and your significant other saying, "I do," it is also a celebration that honors your friends and family. So making sure they enjoy your big day is very important. And this is where your seating chart plays a major role.... Read article »

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AllSeated Featured On Wedding Chicks!

AllSeated is a FREE planning tool, essential for wedding couples today! Their tools make wedding planning a breeze by providing collaborative tools like floorplans, guest list management, and seating arrangements. Invite your entire entourage into your account so they can be a part of your planning! AllSeated enables you all to work efficiently together in real time so that everyone is on the same page. Go ahead and wow them with the floor plan layout which can also... Read article »

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The Easiest Way To Create Your Wedding Layout & Timeline

I wanted to share with my brides the website I used to plan my layout for my Venue. allows you to search for your venue layout, if not included you can create your own floor plan with measurements provided by your venue and arrange your furniture.... Read article »

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