5 Tips to Seating Charts During the Holiday Season

It’s officially December, which means holiday parties galore! Add an engagement during the holiday season and this time of year just got *that* much more magical! If it’s your first time hosting a holiday party, you’ll need to know how to handle a seating chart and Sandy Hammer, Co-Founder of AllSeated is here to guide you to a no-stress seating chart this holiday season!... Read article »


How to Plan a Wedding in a Raw Space

First off, what does raw space even mean? Think lofts, warehouses, restored buildings with inherent creativity and history. But beyond the venue's aesthetic, the term raw space applies toward the way you'll be planning the wedding. You're booking the venue for exactly just that - the space. And then you get to truly bring your vision to life by hiring outside vendors of your choosing.... Read article »


Top 5 Wedding Planning Tips From Feathered Arrow!

It’s summertime, which means it’s wedding season, but really I live in California, so it’s wedding season all year round. Which I don’t mind as a wedding planner! 9 times out of 10 my clients at the very end of the planning process or immediately after their wedding say to me, “I don’t know what we would have done without you!” Now, this of course is something that’s great for me, but when it comes down to planning a wedding, which most of my clients have never done... Read article »


The 19 Best Wedding Planning Websites and Apps for Every Kind of Bride

Whether you're just starting your wedding planning adventure or checking off the very last things on your wedding checklist, here are our favorite digital tools (besides, obvs) for planning the wedding you want while still having a life.... Read article »


Streamline your guest list and seating chart process

Using floor planning software can make your life so much easier when it comes time to creating the seating chart for your wedding. Companies like AllSeated can help keep you organized by allowing you to design floor plans, manage guest lists, and create seating charts easily. The best part is, it’s totally FREE! Simply upload your Excel guest list and the rest is a breeze. Keep track of your guests RSVP response, dinner choice, dietary restrictions, etc. You can eve... Read article »


How I’m Using Social Media to Plan My Wedding

We're hosting our nuptials at a venue that will let us customize the room layout for our reception. To create our seating plan and furniture set up, I'm using All Seated. Upload the floor plan and dimensions of the space, and the site creates an interactive to-scale floor plan that lets you map out placement of all tables and chairs, and then share it.... Read article »


A-veil yourself of apps and tools to de-stress wedding planning

If you’re planning a larger wedding, you may find a tool like AllSeated invaluable. It’s a free online app that handles guest lists, scaled floor plans and seating arrangements with ease. You’ll ensure the right people are seated in the right place and be able to make any last minute changes without dealing with countless sheets of paper or formatting woes.... Read article »

Martha Stewart Weddings

How to Involve Long-Distance Parents in the Wedding-Planning Process

Communication shouldn't be limited to phone calls and texts. According to Lindsay Landman of Lindsay Landman Events, new cloud-based online tools make long-distance collaboration easier. She recommends, an event website that simplifies the planning process. On the cloud-based platform, users can digitally organize floor plans, seating arrangements, vendor lists, timelines, and guest lists—all in one place, for free.... Read article »

Kristin Banta Events

12 Technology Trends in Events You Need To Know About

Technology has changed our lives and our businesses and in many cases has made planning and organization a whole lot easier. Here are some of my favorite hidden gems from the tech world that I think you should know about if you don’t already. Hopefully I can provide at least one new takeaway to make your life easier and more efficient. Please enjoy our first addition of the Tech Talks.... Read article »

Hen Stuff

12 Tools and Tricks for the Tech-Savvy Bride

Having trouble envisioning your venue filled with guests? No problem, All Seated is here to help! Allowing you to be your own wedding planner, this amazingly useful tool allows you to arrange your event and floor plan from start to finish... Read article »

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