1. Organize your guest list.  When RSVPs start hitting your email or inbox — start grouping your guests together. The groups will come in handy when it’s time to arranging your seating. Examples of groups include: college friends, family, friends, colleagues and even a category for special needs. Don’t underestimate the ‘special needs’ group as a few of your guests may have difficulty walking far into a room, may need close access to a restroom, or may be hard of h... Read article »



We’re back again with the talented Janice of Bellwether Events, here to give us more tips and advice on at-home weddings! Today she’s chatting with us about wedding floor plans. Although this might not sound like the most exciting part of planning your wedding, it is incredible vital to the overall success of your event. Because of this, we suggest you tune in! Take it away, Janice! Last month I wrote about wedding tents and hopefully I gave you a good foundation... Read article »


Must-have apps for your wedding!

Organizing and implementing a wedding is a TON of hard work. With planning comes a lot of small and large tasks that arise daily, and they are all very important for the flow of the big day! Although we sometimes curse the ever changing technological world, we have to give it props sometimes. It has brought about millions of phone apps that will make a brides life much easier to manage! So, here it is! The top 7 apps you must have for your wedding. Floor Pl... Read article »


6 Things Brides Forget To Do When Getting Ready For The Big Day

The morning of the wedding is sure to be filled with lots of excitement--and maybe some nerves and a pinch of stress. So it would be normal to forget to do a few key things before you put on your dress. Here are six you’ll want to remember. Eat. Brides are often too busy and stressed to remember to eat the morning of their wedding. Skipping meals, especially on the day of your wedding, is a big no-no, says Sandy Hammer of All Seated. “It’s critical for brides ... Read article »


12 Online Wedding Planning Tools Every Bride Needs

A streamlined wedding planning process is every bride’s dream. Last thing you would want is to stress out about are the small overlooked details. From picking out inspirations down to setting up a seating arrangement, these helpful online wedding planning tools will make you say “I do“! Best for Organizing Guests AllSeated By simply sending a photo of the venue, AllSeated can provide you a 3-D rendering of the area so you can digitally arrange the tables,... Read article »


The 4 Best Apps to Help You Plan Your Wedding

If you’re planning a wedding without a traditional wedding planner or event coordinator, you have a challenging job ahead of you! But you have a fun and exciting job ahead of you, too! To make self-planning your wedding a little bit easier, here are our top four favorite apps that will give you all the tools you need to make your preparation as easy as a slice of delicious wedding cake!... Read article »


Busted: 12 Wedding Planning Myths Debunked

Fact—reality often doesn't meet expectations. Whether it's because you've watched The Wedding Planner one too many times, or you've thought about what your big day would look like since you were a kid, you may have the wrong idea about wedding planning. And that may lead to quite a few disappointments and family drama. So before you start an argument with your S.O. about how their unwillingness to help you pick wedding colors might actually mean they don't want t... Read article »



Ready for some MIND BLOWING wedding planning insider? One of the most challenging pieces of the puzzle of event production, is seating assignments. Regardless the type of event, from a intimate dinner for 12 to a fundraiser for 700, assigning tables, and sometimes seats, makes both the client's and planner's brain cells go a bit haywire. Well, fear no more, assigning tables has never been easier since we recently found the BEST thing to hit the event planning + d... Read article »


Wedding Day Timeline: 5 Things Couples Need to Remember

Don’t Make These 5 Wedding Day Timeline Mistakes! Amidst the excitement and business of wedding planning, couples often forget to schedule time to eat on the day while getting ready, fail to include travel time between locations and make other scheduling errors.  The key to a seamless, stress-free, beautiful wedding day is building yourself a fool-proof timeline ahead of walking down the aisle. Your wedding day timeline should outline all the important day-of detai... Read article »


Top 100 Event Planning Blogs and Websites for Event Planners and Event Management Professionals

The Best Event Planning blogs from thousands of top Event Planning blogs in our index using search and social metrics. Data will be refreshed once a week. These blogs are ranked based on following criteria Google reputation and Google search ranking Influence and popularity on Facebook, twitter and other social media sites Quality and consistency of posts. Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review ... Read article »

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