The Best Apps For Wedding Planning

Once you've booked your venue, you can use this free VR app — which requires goggles to experience, but it's totally worth it — to design and tweak your floor plan. If you have a wedding planner, he or she can help you place the furniture and decor around the venue and make any changes through the app. AllSeated has tens of thousands of scaled floor plans for venues across the country. You can also make a seating chart and guest list, manage RSVPs, and create a t... Read article »


Couples can now experience their wedding before it happens, thanks to the first ever virtual reality wedding tool released by event tech company AllSeated. By using special virtual reality goggles, couples, planners and other vendors can now virtually tour their future wedding, complete with furniture, in a realistic simulation. VR is the latest in AllSeated’s tools that include scaled floorplans of tens of thousands of venues across the U.S., as well as guest li... Read article »


Planners and couples can now experience their event before it happens thanks to the first ever virtual reality tool released by AllSeated. By using special virtual reality goggles, planners and other wedding professionals can now virtually tour their future reception room, complete with furniture, in a realistic simulation. This video demonstrates how it works. VR is the latest in AllSeated’s tools, which include scaled floor-plans of tens of thousands of venu... Read article »

5 Cool New Tech Tools for Meetings and Events

On Monday, AllSeated, a system of free, cloud-based planning tools, released a virtual-reality experience for its venue floor plans. Using AllSeated’s VR goggles, planners can now take a virtual tour of their venue complete with furniture and decor.... Read article »

5 Things You Need to Ask Your Wedding Venue

Once you book your location, make sure to inquire about these important facts. Once your wedding venue is booked, you can rest a little easier since a large piece of your wedding has been secured! However, you want to ensure all of your bases are covered when it comes to your venue in advance of your wedding day as nothing should be left undecided – or for the last minute. To help you figure out what to ask your venue leading up to your wedding day, Sandy Hammer... Read article »

How To Narrow Down Your Wedding Guest List

Unless your wedding budget is unlimited (in which case, lucky you) and your venue is willing to accommodate your squad no matter the size, you will have to talk to your partner about narrowing down your guest list. And this is no easy task. We get it: it's your big day and you want to invite everyone—including all of your 500 Facebook friends. Before you know it, that small intimate ceremony you had hoped for is starting to look like a Russian oligarch wedding, a... Read article »

AllSeated Disrupts the Event Space with Virtual Reality

Event tech giant AllSeated releases the first ever Virtual Reality experience for event planning. The company, which provides free collaborative planning tools to 10 percent of all corporate and social events in the U.S., will now help its 100,000+ users experience their event before it even happens through VR. VR capability is the latest in AllSeated’s tools that include scaled floorplans of tens of thousands of U.S. event venues, guest lists, seating arrangemen... Read article »


1. Organize your guest list.  When RSVPs start hitting your email or inbox — start grouping your guests together. The groups will come in handy when it’s time to arranging your seating. Examples of groups include: college friends, family, friends, colleagues and even a category for special needs. Don’t underestimate the ‘special needs’ group as a few of your guests may have difficulty walking far into a room, may need close access to a restroom, or may be hard of h... Read article »


We’re back again with the talented Janice of Bellwether Events, here to give us more tips and advice on at-home weddings! Today she’s chatting with us about wedding floor plans. Although this might not sound like the most exciting part of planning your wedding, it is incredible vital to the overall success of your event. Because of this, we suggest you tune in! Take it away, Janice! Last month I wrote about wedding tents and hopefully I gave you a good foundation... Read article »

Must-have apps for your wedding!

Organizing and implementing a wedding is a TON of hard work. With planning comes a lot of small and large tasks that arise daily, and they are all very important for the flow of the big day! Although we sometimes curse the ever changing technological world, we have to give it props sometimes. It has brought about millions of phone apps that will make a brides life much easier to manage! So, here it is! The top 7 apps you must have for your wedding. Floor Pl... Read article »

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