Tips for Maintaining a Strong Company Culture

  While maintaining a strong company culture is an internal project that comes with an external scope. Company culture has a broad effect on the way you are viewed by industry peers, clients, and prospects. Behind every successful company is not only an innovative product or useful service, but an effective atmosphere that keeps employees engaged and committed to the company. The first step in creating a strong company culture is to ask yourself what v... Continue reading »

Wedding Table Decor & Design Ideas

  Wedding table decor & design can go a long way in ensuring your wedding is a smashing success. Creating a gorgeous tableau for your wedding reception adds grace and elegance to the overall wedding experience. Katie from Orla James believes that your table decor should match the overall color scheme and theme of your wedding. Tables are often predominant in any wedding reception so let's take a look at some wedding table decor and design ideas. ... Continue reading »

AllSeated Wedding Spotlight: Catherine and Rohit

  In the AllSeated wedding spotlight this week is a special wedding planned by Emily Katherine Events! Catherine and Rohit had two weddings in 2016. Their first wedding was in North Carolina and their second wedding took place in India. Catherine and Rohit had their commitment ceremony and reception at Duke Gardens in Durham, NC which is a very special place to their relationship. The wedding was definitely non-traditional and very unique to the... Continue reading »

Ultimate Guide for Tipping Your Wedding Vendors

  You carefully research and secure your wedding vendors based upon your budget, make your deposits and plan final payments. But what about tipping your wedding vendors? Should you be planning to tip your wedding vendors? If so, who do you tip and how much? Navigating the tipping situation can be sticky a sticky topic. You want your wedding vendors to feel your appreciation but you also need to adhere to your wedding budget. For these reasons, we... Continue reading »

How To Plan Your Dream Wedding On A Budget

  Many wedding couples will tell you that planning a wedding can be a daunting task. There are countless decisions to make, and often times, our fantasy wedding doesn’t quite match our budget. Many wedding couples find themselves taking personal loans to cover the wedding costs or choose to compensate with a personal loan to make their wedding budget larger. There are ways to plan your dream wedding on a budget though so we gathered these helpful budge... Continue reading »

How To Plan Your Destination Wedding Welcome Dinner

   A welcome dinner is the perfect event to kick off your destination wedding celebration. Not sure how to plan your destination wedding welcome dinner? We put together the best tips and ideas to get you started! Welcome Event, Rehearsal Dinner or Both? A welcome dinner or reception is an appropriate (and fun) way to greet everyone and launch the wedding festivities. This dinner can be simple, light fare with refreshments or an elaborate meal depending on t... Continue reading »

Ultimate Guide To Candle Shopping for Your Summer Wedding

  Summer weddings are the perfect time for incorporating candlelight into eye-catching décor. Options range from crisp white monochromatic candlescapes to colorful Bohemian-style mixes of patterns, shapes and textures. Candle lovers planning surely won’t be disappointed in their chances to feature their favorite design elements throughout their summer wedding! Candles are perfect for all aspects of weddings, from ceremonies to receptions. Candlelit altars ... Continue reading »

Must-Ask Questions Before Hiring A Rental Company

  We recently hosted a webinar with Atlas Event Rental which provided our listeners with the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about hiring a rental company. If you missed the Atlas Event Rental webinar, you can view it here! [embed][/embed]   Heather and Tiffany of Atlas Event Rental shared a crucial list of must-ask questions before hiring a rental company which we have broken down ... Continue reading »

Event Food Trends: Street Food Experience

  We love learning about the latest event trends, especially when it comes to the food. Thierry Isambert Culinary and Event Design shares their experience with the "street food" trend! This past event season we saw a rise in interest and demand for street food at events. Super fine dining with white-gloved waiters in bow ties has taken a back seat to the street food genre, which naturally encompasses the current trends of local and sustainable while re... Continue reading »

Should You DIY or Hire A Designer?

  Planning a wedding can be quite the undertaking. Between sourcing inspiration from Pinterest and other wedding publications, it’s certainly not a job for the busy or inexperienced! The DIY route (do-it-yourself) is a popular direction however for wedding couples who have the time and patience to design and plan their own wedding. DIY is an admirable venture that can be well worth it in the end as you see your guests in awe of the beautiful weddin... Continue reading »

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