Vendor Spotlight – Atlas Party Rental

Rental companies are often needed when planning your event. We are proud to introduce to you Atlas Event Rental, a leader in the full service event rental industry for over 30 years.

Family owned and operated in South Florida, the professionals at Atlas understand the need for top quality merchandise and unparalleled customer service. Based in the belief that your event is THE event, Atlas makes it the top priority to make sure that everything you want you have and everything you need is there. Specializing in fashion-forward product selection, Atlas offers the perfect selection of chargers, chinaware, glassware, flatware and linen to meet any need for any occasion. Atlas provides new and updated equipment to ensure that your events, both present and future, will always be flawless.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Heather Rouffe from Atlas Event Rental and asked her for some helpful tips when looking to select the right rental company for your event.

Atlas is a one stop shop, all-inclusive experience which is something we pride ourselves on because we are able to give our clients a high level of inspiration and guidance in addition to the rental items they may need.

When you begin your search for locating the best rental company to fit your needs, keep these things in mind:

The first phone call is very important!

When you make that initial call to speak with a rental company, pay very close attention to what they are saying and offering.

Are they only concerned with taking your order? Do they only want to know how many forks, spoons, plates, chairs and linens you need?

Or, are they looking to guide you and offer some event inspiration?

This initial conversation will tell you a lot about the experience you will have with your rental company.

Do they ask you to come to visit their showroom?

It’s really important to check out a rental company’s showroom prior to hiring them for your event.


You will want to see the showroom to get a feel for the rental company’s style.

Is the showroom decorated? Does it offer a lot of ideas? Does it feel blah? The vibe you receive from the showroom will more than likely become the vibe of your event.


Is the rental company open to discussing the vendors they often work with on events?

If a rental company is open to this topic and provides you with information regarding the established vendors they work with, you will get an idea of how efficiently they collaborate with other vendors which is important for your event organization and coordination!

Don’t Be Turned Off By Upgrading Options:

It may seem like a sales pitch when a rental company offers you additional options or higher priced upgrades but don’t be turned off so quickly!

The rental company may be trying to provide you with various ways to enhance your event. It’s entirely likely that their ideas, which may or may not be higher in price, are simply expanding upon the ideas you had for your event, offering you options you didn’t realize existed.


Click here to learn even more about Atlas Event Rental and the servies they provide.

All images provided by and used with permission from Atlas Party Rental.


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