Tips For Vendors During Outdoor Event Season


Quite often when people think about outdoor event planning strategies and considerations, their initial thoughts focus on the host and guest experience side of an event – like having a Plan B, keeping guests comfortable etc – however, it’s equally important for vendors to prepare for and develop their outdoor event planning strategies and practices as well.

We put together the top tips for vendors during outdoor event season as it’s critical to always be prepared!

Monitor The Forecast

The weather forecast means everything for an outdoor event, especially for set up. Monitor the forecast in advance and have a Plan B in place for your team should the weather affect your original set up arrangement. For example, if it’s torrential downpours and you need to load in chairs, build in the extra time within your timeline to ensure you can wait out the storm.

Check venue rules in advance! Many venues have rules in place when it comes to outdoor event set up and inclimate weather. Check in with the venue on these rules in advance so that you are aware of their polices. Many venues will have a thunderstorm watch policy, often stating that if thunderstorms are forecasted or within a certain mile radius, they will not allow you to set up. In some cases, they will even determine that the outdoor event must take place indoors for safety reasons.

In the event that the weather forecast can always cause the event to take place indoors instead of outdoors, check your client’s order well in advance to determine if an indoor event set up will require different items. Being prepared is critical!

Dress For The Elements

If it’s going to be warm day, ensure that you and your staff are dressed appropriately. You want to avoid the chance for overheating while also taking into account proper footwear should the event take place on ground involving grass or dirt. Remember to also consider the change in ground conditions if it may rain prior to the event (think mud!).

Consider Your Staff

In addition to dressing for the elements, be extra vigilant of your staff in warmer climates. Provide water, bug repellant, meals, and snacks to ensure they remain comfortable in the warm weather setting. If it’s extremely hot, consider setting up areas of shade. Umbrellas are a good idea too, in case of sudden rain!

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