Thank You For A Spectacular 2016!

As the year comes to a close, we wanted to extend our warm holiday greetings and thank you for making 2016 our best year ever!!

It’s because of YOU, our users, that AllSeated is now the industry standard for digital planning software. Thank you all for spreading the word that there is a better, simpler way to plan events and for helping to grow our user base by tenfold!

We are honored and humbled to see thousands of new users joining us every month and leaving behind their “too legacy”, “too complicated”, or simply just “too expensive” systems to join our rapidly growing network of people and professionals who believe event planning should actually be fun!

As we see more and more job postings request that candidates be “AllSeated certified” or “AllSeated proficient” we fill up with joy because we know that the tools you have spent time mastering will continue to benefit your businesses and grow to become the industry’s go-to planning software.

We take great pride in running hundreds of thousands of your events each year and therefore must thank our investors, some of the biggest names in the industry, who make this possible and share our vision of taking this industry into the 21st Century. Without them, none of what we do would be possible!

And speaking of what’s possible… 2017 is the year we will start providing you with more targeted and relevant business! There’s so much excitement about what’s coming, it’s hard to keep a lid on all the energy here!

So, we wish you all Happy Holidays and a wonderful year to come.

Your friends at AllSeated



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