Pinterest For Business: Marketing Your Pins


We recently wrote an informative Pinterest post (click here if you missed it) which discussed the benefits of using Pinterest for business. We wanted to follow that post up today by going a little bit more in depth about a few of the key factors that will help you to successfully market your business on Pinterest.

1. A complete, consistent, and optimized branded profile.

Just as your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., is set up to represent your brand, your Pinterest page should be given the same level of care. Ensure to use a recognizable profile picture (logo or branded image), links to your other social media networks, and most importantly, your website. This will help users remember who you are and recognize your brand like they do on the other platforms they follow you on.


2. Detailed pin descriptions.

One of the greatest benefits of using Pinterest for marketing is the SEO benefits. Aside from a complete ‘About’ profile as explained above, each and every pin you pin on Pinterest should have a concise and detailed description. This will allow for you to naturally insert targeted keywords or phrases in your content that will help increase your SEO and visibility.


3. Compelling and complementing imagery.

While every single social media channel is essentially used the same way – a platform to interact and engage with your audience – no two platforms are the same. The same goes for Pinterest. If you check out your Pinterest homepage you’ll see that unlike Facebook’s square imagery and Twitter’s preference for horizontal images, Pinterest uses vertical imagery. Although this requires an additional step when creating your pins, making them the recommended size of 735×1102 will help attract and retain your user’s attention and provide a compelling experience.


4. A set schedule.

Just keep pinning…just keep pinning. Because of the 100 million and growing monthly active users on Pinterest, it’s important to remember to stay consistent in your efforts. While you should always be including new content, you also have the ability to update any outdated pins by replacing them with updated content and/or imagery. And just as you can repost on Twitter to increase visibility, you can do the same with your pins to ensure your entire audience is able to see them.


5. Return the love.

We saved the best for last. As any social media marketer knows, it’s exciting when you receive engagement (likes, comments, retweets, repostings) on your social efforts. So imagine how happy others feel when you do the same for them. In fact, isn’t the whole name of the social game is to provide a flowing channel of two-way conversations? When you reciprocate the efforts done by others on Pinterest (or any social media platform for that matter), they will feel compelled to do the same for you.

So there you have it! These tips should get you well on your way to a perfect Pinterest page for your brand to help grow your audience and increase brand visibility. But remember: social media is a marathon, not a sprint. It will take time to grow your page, but once it does the benefits are endless.

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