Outdoor Wedding Q & A With Event Planner, Dina de la Vega

Once the warm weather arrives, everyone wants to be outdoors, including brides! We had the pleasure of speaking with event planner, Dina de la Vega, regarding outdoor weddings and how to plan accordingly during the summer wedding season.

What is the number one tip you have for your brides when they approach the idea of planning an outdoor wedding?

I always advise my brides to have a PLAN B! Brides tend to fall in love with the fantasy of the sunshine-perfect outdoor wedding day and that is not always realistic.
It is most important to not only have a back-up plan in place but to love it as much as your first choice should the weather interfere with your planning.

When selecting your venue, be sure to consider the indoor options should the weather not allow for your outdoor affair.

You will want to make sure that the indoor event space does not sacrifice any of your details and that it can accommodate your guests and floor plan.


Would you say that planning an outdoor wedding can be an added stress for brides?

Yes! It certainly can be. The weather is always a variable that cannot be controlled or determined in advance.

If you know that you cannot deal with the unknown aspect of the weather forecast for the day of your wedding or the needing to make a last-minute change in plans, then an outdoor wedding is not the best option for you.

What if a bride really had her sights set on an outdoor wedding?

Planning an outside photo shoot is always another great option (but it all depends on the weather)!!!!

The ceremony and affair can be held indoors (so your guests will be comfortable) and if the weather permits pictures can be scheduled for outdoors.

If outdoor photos is something the bride would like, I usually recommend choosing a venue with beautiful grounds for photo taking.


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