Outdoor Fall Wedding Planning Tips


Outdoor weddings are often thought of as a SUMMER ONLY option when the reality is, they can be a wonderful choice at other times of the year.

The fall wedding season often includes outdoor weddings, even in the cooler climates!

In order to successfully plan an outdoor fall wedding, we put together these 3 outdoor fall wedding planning tips.

1. Have a Plan B.

We always advise couples to have a Plan B when planning an outdoor wedding, no matter the season!

Wedding couples tend to fall in love with the fantasy of the sunshine-perfect outdoor wedding day, but that is not always realistic. It is most important to not only have a backup plan in place, but to love it as much as your first choice.

When selecting the wedding venue for your outdoor wedding, be sure to inquire about the venue’s indoor options should the weather interfere with your outdoor plans.

When looking at the venue’s indoor event space, remember to pay attention to detail to ensure that the indoor layout does not sacrifice your needs and that it can still accommodate your guests and floorplan vision.

2. Consider the time of day.

If an outdoor fall wedding is what you want, keep time of day in mind as it relates to your climate.

Though time of day is not a concern during the warmer months of the year,  the cooler seasons may affect evening outdoor weddings as the temperature drops. If temperature is not something you want to worry too much about, a daytime wedding reception in the fall may be your better option.

3. Be mindful of guest comfort.

When hosting an outdoor wedding, do consider the various ways to keep your guests comfortable, warm and dry.

Heaters for your tented affair, umbrellas available in case of rain as well as pashminas and wraps for the women are all good ideas to keep your guests comfortable.

There is nothing more important than the comfort of your guests!

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