The Importance Of An AllSeated Seating Chart


Aisha Garnett of Sheree Amour Weddings & Event Planning is here today as a contributor to the AllSeated blog to discuss the importance of an AllSeated Seating Chart for your event. We loved reading this post and know you will too!

As a wedding planner, I pride myself on planning things out and most especially, knowing exactly where every guest will sit at an event. It used to be that we had to rely on the average sheet of paper with a list of columns and lines to add names in order to create seating charts but not anymore!

Before there were the helpful tools of AllSeated, that simple paper alone would have done the job for an average wedding planner but that no longer is true. 

When there are helpful tools like AllSeated that allow you to see the actual floorplan, use actual tables, table numbers and chairs, you have to take advantage of that technology.

I recently planned an intimate wedding. This is the floorplan layout which we were able to view in 3D!

AllSeated 3D floorplan

Sometimes it happens that a guest will show up who wasn’t on the list, leaving you trying to figure out where exactly to place them. This actually happened to me at this particular wedding!

Since I was using AllSeated and had my layout of tables and the exact floor plan of my reception room, I was able to place my extra guest with ease.  I didn’t have to rely on those handy escort cards supplied by the venue to see who was missing.

I was able to look at my AllSeated seating chart and find a great spot for my guest at Table 3, the table that was listed on my 3D seating chart with extra seats…and there you have it, the perfect spot to place my guest.

As I stated earlier, as a wedding planner, we plan everything, and when your guest shows up and he/she is not on that guest list, because it can happen, and you find a place for them at the drop of a hat, and you hear them say “I felt like a VIP guest once I was seated in the reception”, you know for sure it is definitely important to have your seating chart in hand…an AllSeated seating chart that is!

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