How To Create Intimacy In Outdoor Event Seating


Outdoor event season is a wonderful time of year with the opportunity to incorporate the wonders of nature as the backdrop for celebrations.

However, any event planner will tell you that outdoor events come with their own set of unique planning needs and circumstances.

How to create intimacy in outdoor event seating is a common challenge when planning outdoor events.

While indoor event spaces provide natural walls and dimensions, outdoor events are often left to the imagination. When not approached properly, outdoor events can lose their intimacy, affecting event vision, decor scheme, and guest experience too.

With the help of Heather Rouffe of Atlas Event Rental, learn a few easy ways to create intimacy in outdoor event seating!

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Deviate away from traditional round tables. 

One way to create intimacy in an outdoor event space is through seating styles. Use the outdoor event setting as the opportunity to break away from the traditional round table in favor of unique and more intimate seating options!

Family style seating is a great option for outdoor events. The use of kings tables will seat guests closer together within the floorplan, automatically giving a more intimate seating feel to the outdoor layout.

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Create faux walls.

Let’s say that your outdoor event space is a farm or huge winery. Work with your furniture and outdoor environment to create faux walls. This will help to make the event floorplan feel intimate, like an outdoor living room.

Use soft and delicate pipe and drape or hedges to create a smaller, more intimate layout. Position lounge furniture in pockets to create cut off spots. While you may not have actual walls to work around, creating indoor environments with furniture will give off the feel of a perimeter.

Match decor to the environment.

Enhance the intimacy of your outdoor event by incorporating linens and table decor that coordinates with the environment.

Keep in mind that the basic white chairs and table linens that your venue can offer may not be the right look for your outdoor event.

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Consider your surroundings to make the decor decisions. If your event space is set somewhere tropical, incorporate tropical elements like bamboo chairs and tropical styled linens. Bring in linens with greenery to match the trees in the backdrop.

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