How To Build Guest List For Corporate Events

Establishing the guest list for an event is the crucial first step for every event planning process. While on the surface it may seem as though a guest list is only about who is invited, it serves purposes well beyond that!

Having an established guest list for corporate events will keep you organized while helping to dictate how to proceed with many of the important decisions required throughout the planning process.

But how do you go about making a guest list for corporate events? What steps are needed?

We break it down for you below!

Know Your Budget.

The event budget goes hand in hand with establishing the guest list. Knowing your budget and the funds you have to allocate for the event will help you to determine and build the guest list. If you are operating within a specific budget, you will want to keep this in mind as you work on the guest list. You may need to keep your guest count down, or at least be mindful of the total guest count on your list.

Have The Important Conversations.

Who should you be speaking to about the event to determine the event guest list?  It’s critical to have these important conversation with your team at the start of the planning process regarding who needs an invite. You don’t want to build the guest list and think you are finished only to learn later on that you missed a few invites.

Consider Venue Selection.

Did you already have a venue in mind for the event? What is the venue’s capacity and is it within your budget? If you are dead set on a specific venue, their capacity and cost may help you to determine your guest list count. If you are open to venue selection, once you have the established guest list and budget, you can then begin to narrow down your venue choices based upon your needs.

Gather Accurate Contact Information (email addresses!)

Email invites are the typical invite method for today’s corporate invites. For this reason, ensure you have the correct email addresses for your guest list contacts so that the invite is received by the right person. Quite often emails are sent to general email addresses which may or may not eventually reach the intended recipient.

Manage Guest List In AllSeated.

Build and manage your event guest list within AllSeated! Include guest information which can be stored alphabetically or filtered into categories for an even more organization. The guest list also allows space for keeping notes, meal type requests, and the ability to track RSVP’s. Run reports and track your guests in real-time too! Collaborate with you team so that everyone is operating on the same page and up to date on all guest list details!

Added Bonus: AllSeated’s guest list provides a direct link to seating, making it simple and efficient for working on your event seating chart!

Don’t Forget The RSVP!

Ensure you leave enough time have responses received. Check with your venue to determine when they need their final guest count as this will help you to select your RSVP date. You may wish to send a reminder email prior to your RSVP date.



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