How The Lowry Hotel Closes More Business With Virtual Tours


Now more than ever, the ability to virtually showcase an event space, sell remotely, and plan events without onsite meetings are critical to event business strategies within the event and hospitality industries.

An iconic five-star hotel in Manchester, The Lowry Hotel was the first venue and hotel in the UK to use Allseated Vision. Implementing Allseated Vision has transformed the way they do business, labeling the hotel as a forward-thinking venue delivering more accurate, collaborative, and effective results while enhancing their client experience to deliver outstanding events.

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Here’s an inside look at how The Lowry Hotel’s team has closed more business using Allseated’s virtual and intuitive planning tools to deliver over 1,000 thousand per year in their range of versatile event spaces. 

Allseated Vision – The Lowry Hotel

Making the Move to Allseated

Prior to implementing Allseated, The Lowry’s team felt the typical frustrations of lacking the digital planning tools necessary to inject seamless efficiency into their work and effectively collaborate during the planning process. This often led to confusion and challenges, slowing down their decision-making. Using Allseated has given them the effortless ability to work collaboratively with their vendor teams and clients, with all information organized in one designated place and easily accessible 24/7 from anywhere.

The team also lacked the ability to provide virtual representations of room layouts to showcase the huge range of versatile spaces for every type of event. The enhanced visualization provided by Allseated’s technology allows The Lowry’s team to transport clients virtually to the hotel for walkthroughs of its event spaces to view floorplan layouts remotely as if they were there in person.

Virtual walkthroughs have eliminated the need to spend time and money for onsite visits,  simplifying and speeding up the planning process. The Lowry Hotel is now able to close deals faster and remotely, from anywhere.

Being the first venue and hotel in the UK to embrace Allseated Vision has been a fantastic selling point and incredibly advantageous for The Lowry’s team amongst major competitors as they are able to virtually showcase their event spaces at global Tradeshows, client meetings, and off-site visits. The impact is remarkable; a 10% increase in conversion rates based upon three months of using Allseated, proving it as a valuable tool for rapid return on investment. 

One of Manchester’s finest with a large sprinkling of the extraordinary 

In a city crammed full of culture, the award-winning Lowry is one of Manchester’s finest venues with an urban chic feel, dominating the skyline with its curved, glass-fronted façade. Spacious yet intimate with artwork casually displayed, it delivers a sense of something different and inspiring when you step through its glass doors. A dedicated events floor, a special entrance on the ground floor, flexible configurated rooms, natural daylight with floor-to-ceiling windows, a city center location – with Manchester airport, key rail, and bus links only a short distance away – perfect for any types of bespoke events. 

As one might imagine, all of these unique characteristics and design elements are what make events at The Lowry remarkable – and of course, are important part considerations in the planning and event design process.

The Lowry saves considerable time by using Allseated’s floorplan and virtual tools. Event floorplans at The Lowry can be viewed in 2D and photorealistic 3D with virtual walkthrough capabilities which allows event floorplans to come to life to-scale in full-color splendor – right down to the iconic elements like arched windows, columns, balconies, molding details, railings, chandeliers, lighting sconces, flooring and more.

The Lowry’s event spaces are also available virtually via their website widget powered by Allseated. The website widget allows prospective clients the ability to tour The Lowry’s property from anywhere in the world.

In addition to having event space renderings available in photorealistic view on the hotel website, the Lowry’s team also gives its clients access to their event within Allseated so that they can work collaboratively throughout the process. This allows clients to preview floorplans, upload their guest list, arrange seating, and much more.

Using Allseated also guarantees that the event floorplans are to-scale. On the day of an event, it is a seamless setup, leaving clients happy and the whole experience is positive. 

By adopting Allseated, The Lowry Hotel has an easy-to-use and precise floorplan, furniture inventory, and collaborative platform at their fingertips – giving their respective teams the tools needed to focus more on generating new business and to deliver exquisite events.  As said by The Lowry Hotel GM Adrian Ellis, “Being the first venue and hotel in the UK to use Allseated’s digital platform has been a fantastic selling point and additional bonus for us to virtually showcase our Event Spaces at Tradeshows, Client Meetings, and off-site opportunities, and as a result have significantly aided our inquiry levels and conversion rates.”

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