Everything You Wanted To Know About Floorplans


We are back with another article in our AllSeated FAQ Series!

Today we are going to talk all things floorplans with the help of our free floorplan software and map expert, Matt. Matt has provided answers to the most commonly asked questions on the topic of floorplans which will help you to navigate the process of getting your own floorplans uploaded and in action quicker and even easier than before.  

When I am asked for my venue’s floorplan, what exactly do you need from me?

There are three main things we need from you to upload your floorplan:

  1. The name and address of your venue
  2. Dimensions of the event space
  3. Perimeter walls of the event space

We need the dimensions of the event space in order to get the floorplan exact, as in, to scale.

We need the name and address of the venue so we can quantify the floorplan in a way that we can keep track of it and thus give you access to it.

We need perimeter walls of the space because that shows us the parameters of the dimensions and allows us to scale the floorplan.

I have the map of my floorplan and need to send it to you. How do I do that?

You need to send all of the floorplans you want to use to floorplans@allseated.com in order to have our graphics people process them for you. We take your floorplans and then scale them, remove the tables and other movable objects, and convert them to a file type that works with our system.

I sent my floorplan in to floorplans@allseated.com – what now?

The process usually takes around 48 hours from the time we send you a confirmation email. Just hang tight and we will email you again once it’s uploaded.

When I sent my floorplan in I was told it was already in the AllSeated system. What does that mean?

AllSeated has a large number of venue floorplans already on the site. If someone else held an event at the same venue and used AllSeated, the floorplan is stored and ready to be used by you! If you have any changes to the floorplan, we can accommodate you.

I need a map quicker than 24 hours – what should I do?

You can use the Livechat feature to alert us and we can try to help you out.

I received an email back saying my floorplan has been uploaded but I just logged in and I’m not seeing it?

If you registered on the AllSeated site as a venue, the floorplans are in your account and you can create an event! Simply go to seating, then click new, then click venue hall, and then select the floorplan you want to work with for your event, give it a name, and click finish.

If you registered as a planner, caterer, or host, you need to create or go into your event, click on add venue, and search for the name of your venue. From there go to seating, new, venue hall, and select the floorplan you want to work with, give it a name, and click finish.

I want to register a venue, so I should register on the AllSeated site as a venue, right?

You only want to register as a venue if you represent the actual physical venue. 

Are you an event planner who will be doing multiple events at multiple venues? Register as a planner.

Are you a caterer? Register as a caterer.

Are you a bride, groom, or someone who is actually hosting an event? Then host is the user type for you!

Whatever way you register, you’ll have access to the floorplans you sent in. If you register as a host, planner, or caterer you’ll have access to the thousands of venues available on the site already.  

My floorplan isn’t correct, what I should do?

Please email floorplans@allseated.com and let them know the issue.

The drawing of the floorplan looks Okay but the scale seems off. What should I do?

Before emailing floorplans@allseated.com, please try using the ruler tool on the site to check the dimensions. The ruler tool is in the upper left when viewing the floorplan.  

I’m doing an event in an outdoor area but I don’t have a floorplan for the space. How can I use AllSeated for this type of event?

We can work with google maps screen shots or *overhead* photographs as long as they have dimensions or a scale. We can also work with hand drawn diagrams but be aware that if the drawing itself isn’t to scale, we need every dimension in order to produce an accurate diagram. Please email what you have to floorplans@allseated.com and we’ll let you know if we can work with it.

I would like a venue’s floorplan uploaded but I don’t have the floorplan. Can AllSeated contact the venue and get one for me and then upload it to the site?

Unfortunately, this isn’t the service we provide. We can only work with what you send us.

My floorplan is up but I have questions about using AllSeated – What should I do?

For general support, email us at support@allseated.com or use the Livechat feature on the site as they can assist you in real time. You may also want to watch the informative tutorial videos or consider signing up for a webinar.

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