Décor Tips For Your Fall Events

As we enter the fall event season, so many traditional color and styling trends come to mind.

The color of autumn leaves, the flavors of apples and pumpkin pie along with the coziness of the brisk season begin to make their appearance through decor at weddings and events.

But do you have to plan your event around the seasons? Is it necessary to stick to traditional or is it better to break free from the trends and do something different?

Sometimes it isn’t even about a season per say, it’s about thikning a bit out of the box to make your event stand out from the rest.

We asked Heather of Atlas Party Rental for some quick tips when it comes to fall event decor and how to give a unique feel to your affair:

1. Go beyond the round table.

People so often use a round table for their floor plans, how about using a rectangular shaped table or check to see if your venue/rental company offers a different shape to add something unique to your event.


Photo credit: Linzi Events

Using different linens of various color patterns can also spice up your tables and create a special feel.

2. Go beyond the round china plate.


Just like there is more than one table shape, there is also more than one plate shape! Inquire to see the types of china (and various colors too!) available for your tablescapes.

How special would a nice slice of apple pie look on a triangular dish? Using your china to creatively plate the food is an interesting detail that reallystands out because it shows a level of detail and awareness beyong the typical white round plate.

3. Mix up the traditional color trends.

While copper is a huge color trend for Fall weddings at the moment, how about combining that copper with darker purples or go out of the box with a bright hot pink and orange color scheme!


Get creative with your colors and utilize all resources available to you to create a uniquely colored event.

For more color scheme options, ideas and inspiration, be sure to follow our color scheme board on pinterest!




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