Choosing Between This Season’s Linen Trends Based on Type Of Event



With the days getting longer and flowers in full bloom, we are collectively ready to put away the deep, moody colors of winter and unveil the light and airy energy of spring and summer décor.

This spring and upcoming summer season, we’re seeing a number of linen trends on the rise, with unique colors and patterns perfect for all types of events.

In particular, florals are a big look this spring and summer, especially paired with mixed metals. Velvet is also sticking around despite its weight; just opt for colors like blush, teal, and other bright hues that speak more to spring than winter. Jewel tones continue to be a popular choice, but we’re seeing a decline in burgundy likely because of its dark and heavy feeling.

As always, white, beige, and natural tones are great for adding a clean feel to any bold color, but they can also stand well on their own. Pair neutral linens with metallic details to embrace the metal trend without going overboard.

Print-wise, we’re seeing an animal-print surge, especially leopard details. We also get an annual spring uptick in preppy patterns that are inspired by Lilly Pulitzer — this year, pineapples are in the spotlight.

There’s a lot to choose from this spring and summer event season, so let’s take a look at the ideal styles for every type of event.


For weddings, you really want to stick with linens that are classy and timeless. Your couples will look back at their wedding photos for years to come and it’s likely that any current trends will be out of style when they’re showing their album to their children or grandchildren. Neutral tones, like white, silver, gold, blush, and ivory are all good options and you can always get creative with cloth napkins for a pop of color. For an extra special touch, consider using a subtle pattern to dress up accent tables, like the sweetheart and the cake tables.

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Bridal Showers

Anything goes for bridal showers and they often come bearing fun themes that highlight a bride’s personality. Go bold with colors and prints, rather than worrying about the classic-forever look. For example, palm prints do great for destination celebrations whereas sequins or glitter can jazz up a glam shower. Choose what highlights the guest of honor’s personality and what lights them up when they see it.

linen trends for events

Social Events

Reunions, birthday parties, and other social celebrations should be designed around the individual at the center of attention. People often try to match their outfit and style to their party’s room design, but it should really be the other way around. Match the linens and décor features to the person’s personality and you can’t go wrong! For example, if they love rock and roll, opt for red and black.

linen trends for events

Bar & Bat Mitzvahs

Bar & Bat mitzvah celebrations, much like a quinceañera, are all about doing it big to showcase a major milestone for a child becoming an adult. Bling and glitz are popular directions for girls whereas boys are going for a modern, sleek look with geometric points. However, understand that kids don’t want their parties to be similar to their friends’ celebrations. Use their favorite color for guidance and look for ways to make it fun and unique, rather than timeless and traditional.

Corporate Events

Most business events are designed to embrace the company’s brand and corporate colors, so the palette and style are often laid out for your already. Still, do your part to weave in special details that set the event apart from others. For example, if there’s a welcome party at a tropical retreat for employees, incorporate tropical-print linen with some beachy details. If it’s at a more conservative, go all in with chic, high-end details like metallic chargers and grand centerpieces.

No matter the type of event, prioritize what the client wants and feel is best for their celebration. Consider the time of year, location, and destination when making design choices. You also need to be familiar enough with the venue to know if there are any onsite furniture pieces that may affect your plans. Each event has its own personality, so focus on creating a vibe that is appropriate for the event vision you are trying to achieve for your client.

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