AllSeated Wedding Spotlight

We have another wedding in our spotlight! Deniece Carter of Black Carpet Weddings & Events recently planning this beautiful outdoor wedding. Along with the wedding details, Deniece explains why using AllSeated has helped her to plan many weddings and events.

The first time I ever had the task of making a seating chart occurred well before I was a wedding & event planner. I was actually planning my own wedding, spending endless hours drawing circles on paper with a quarter to creating my seating charts! And, just when I thought I had it right, I had to make a change and start all over.

I may not have had my dream wedding but I did enjoy the planning process. In fact, planning my own wedding is what started my career as a planner and Black Carpet Weddings & Events was born.

An instrumental part of being a good wedding & event planner is to have a fantastic preferred vendors list and dependable online reference and information websites.

AllSeated is one of my most favorite event planning resources!

Of all the AllSeated floorplans I have created to date, the recent floorplan that I created for a wedding which involved a 40 x 80 tent on a beautiful country side is definitely one of my favorites.

The wedding couple was extremely creative and thought outside the box. They did not want a straight, lined up symmetrical floor layout.

They gave me their vision and AllSeated bought it to life. Seeing a floorplan go from a 3D and Bird’s Eye view on your computer screen to orchestrating it live makes everything we do worth the time and planning.

AllSeated 3D

It’s always nice to know that although the details may change through the planning process which may affect the seating charts, I do not have to start over! I just make updates and changes as I go which are stored in my AllSeated account.

tented wedding

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